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Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr. McGrady plays both shooting guard and small forward , and is also one of the first players who went from high school Mt. He created national buzz after his performance in the Adidas ABCD Camp, to which the best high school players in the nation are invited annually. Krause decided not to make the deal when Michael Jordan threatened to retire if it was made. The teammate and cousin by marriage of Vince Carter , McGrady often found himself in Carter's shadow.

Tracy mcgrady biograpy

In the second half of the year, Tracy began to gain a Tracy mcgrady biograpy feel for life on and off the court in the pros. Retrieved August 29, Edit Tracy McGrady. Early in the —07 seasonMcGrady missed seven games, again because of back spasms, eventually deciding to visit a biograapy and receive treatment for the injury as he felt that it was affecting his speed and explosiveness. Links to related articles. The Rockets Tracy mcgrady biograpy to begin the —05 seasonposting a losing record of 16—17 through their first 33 games.

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Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles. Views Tracy mcgrady biograpy Edit View history. New York Daily News. Subscribe to our Stathead Newsletter. Basketball USA winners. Retrieved February 19, Facts about Tracy McGrady. February 23, It's also available for football, hockey and baseball. People are so scared to really voice who they are.

Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr.

  • The couple got into a married relationship on 12 September in Mexico after dating for 10 years.
  • Tracy McGrady, a deceptively sleepy-eyed, 6-foot, 8-inch guard, is one of a handful of players to skip college and go straight to millionaire stardom in the National Basketball Association.
  • Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr.
  • Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr.

He was the product of an area called "the Hill" in Auburndale. It is a quaint town of about 9,, surrounded by lakes halfway between Orlando and Tampa. At Auburndale he quickly became a two-sport star.

His first love was baseball with aspirations of playing Major League Baseball. Tracy's family has been a major influence in his life.

He, eventually, grew to know both women as "mom". Melanise Williford worked as a chambermaid at a Disney World hotel. She made a daily minute commute from her home, near Tampa, in order to get to work each day to support the family. His dad, Tracy McGrady Sr. He wasn't a bad father. Joe taught him to respect others, himself and for the game. Hopkins drove down to Orlando to go to Disney World with his family, and he stopped in Auburndale to meet with Tracy and his "moms". Hopkins offered Tracy a scholarship to Mount Zion on the ride back to Durham with Tracy, and the rest is history.

Tracy's hoops tale began in his Junior Year at Auburndale High. He averaged But despite the great numbers, Tracy's name did not appear on any recruiting lists of Division 1 prospects. Only schools that showed little interest in him were Florida and Miami. Tracy was still looking for a way to put himself on the basketball map, he had to let the whole basketball world know who Tracy McGrady was. During the senior all-star game, he dribbled down the left wing on a fast break and found only James Felton, a 6'9 Blue Chipper from NJ committed to St Johns, between him and the basket.

Tracy went up, cupped the ball in his right hand and executed a windmill dunk over James. He sent the whole gym in frenzy. The recruiting newsletter Hoop Scoop praised Tracy as "the sleeper of the decade". After not being included in the top prospects list before the summer, Tracy was ranked 2 behind Lamar Odom, a forward from Redemption Christian Academy.

He was even featured in a 3-page article in the February 10 issue of Sports Illustrated. Tracy's one year stint at Mount Zion Christian academy was a successful one. As a senior, he averaged In Magic's Round ball Classic, he shot 6-for-7 from the field, sinking his only three-point attempt, and netted 13 points. Tracy McGrady had indeed decided to pursue his dream early. McGrady, a 6-foot-8, pound basketball standout who played all five positions at Durham's Mount Zion Christian Academy, announced his decision to make himself available for the June 25 NBA draft.

On draft day, with question marks concerning when and if Tracy would get drafted, the Toronto Raptors were on the clock and ready to make their pick at 9. He joined the list of high school players making the jump to the NBA successfully. In , Kobe Bryant was chosen at No.

August 23, Retrieved August 29, In the News : L. The Ledger. Retrieved February 19,

Tracy mcgrady biograpy

Tracy mcgrady biograpy

Tracy mcgrady biograpy

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Then he was traded to New York Knicks on 18 February In , he has also signed a long-term partnership with Adidas agreeing to an endorsement deal that lasts through his playing career.

Moving towards his body measurements, he has a good height of 6 Feet and 8 inches 2. His body weight is 96kg. He has black hair color and black eyes. There is no information about his shoe size, dress size. Married Biography. I live on here to make a difference. People are so scared to really voice who they are.

They want to be politically correct. Just scared to see what other people's perceptions are. People are really hesitant about expressing that they don't know something - but what's the big deal?

I'm not ashamed about that at all. When you have God-given talent, I think that that kind of hinders your practice habits and that's what I think it did to me. Contents 1 Who is Tracy McGrady? Ray Allen. Marital Status:. Married Date:. Birth Date:. Hair Color:. Eye Color:.

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Still exploring his awesome potential, he is rising to the level where basketball legends are made. And Tracy still has a long career ahead of him. This is his story. Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr. In need of help, Melanise headed a short ways north to Auburndale, where her mother, Roberta, lived. The two women shared the responsibility of raising Tracy. Tracy felt completely at ease there. Life could be rough in Auburndale.

Melanise commuted to Orlando every day to work as a chambermaid in a Disney World hotel. Roberta helped out, too. She worked as a janitor, and dinner was often whatever she caught while fishing at a local pond. A cadre of relatives, meanwhile, made sure Tracy had lots of spending money come his birthday. Tracy discovered sports at an early age and proved to be a natural athlete. He was first drawn to baseball.

Tall, thin, and wiry, he possessed a blazing fastball and could whip his bat throught the hitting zone with tremendous force. A Little League star in Auburndale, Tracy appeared headed for a career on the diamond until another round ball began to consume his life. The rookie did things on the court that Tracy had never seen before.

Hardaway quickly became his hero, the youngster emulating every part of his game. Tracy began to turn heads in his junior year at Auburndale High School. In his first two seasons with the Bloodhounds, coach Ty Willis used him sparingly at the varsity level. The teenager matured into a dangerous all-around player by his third year, averaging 23 points and 12 rebounds a game. But off-the-court problems threatened to undo the progress he had made.

Miami and Florida were the only schools that talked scholarship with him, but neither pursued the matter any further than that. Tracy did have some influential people in his corner. The big name in attendance was Lamar Odom, a silky smooth lefty with the skills to play guard or center. Tracy got himself noticed when he demanded to be matched up against Odom, then blew him away.

Early on it appeared that Tracy had made a wise decision. Player and coach grew closer, the two spending several nights a week watching NBA games together. Tracy was the catalyst. Playing all five positions and averaging nearly a triple-double, he did it all for the Mighty Warriors, acting as a defensive stopper on one end and an unstoppable scorer on the other. Tracy, however, slipped into old habits as the season neared its end. When cooler heads prevailed and he and Hopkins made amends, he suddenly felt like a man.

The metamorphosis colored his thinking in the following months. But then word filtered down from NBA super scout Marty Blake that he was being projected as a potential first-round pick by several pro teams. When Smith and Hopkins both advised Tracy to skip college, he decided to try his luck in the draft. But hours before the draft Michael Jordan nixed the deal, promising to retire if Pippen were traded.

That opened the door for several other teams, including the Toronto Raptors, who also had their eye of Tracy. Two years earlier, GM Isiah Thomas, hoping to land Kevin Garnett, had outlined a plan of attack to bring along a high school phenom.

Now he dusted off the blueprint in anticipation of selecting Tracy. When the 18 year old was passed over by the first eight clubs in the draft Duncan and Van Horn went , Toronto grabbed him.

Tracy consulted with Hopkins and Smith, who agreed that at least one of two would stay with him throughout his rookie campaign. With Damon Stoudamire and Marcus Camby already on the roster, he had assembled the makings of a talented nucleus that might one day challenge for the NBA title.

Tracy seemed to fit perfectly into this picture. As it turned out, however, his first year as a pro was a nightmare, as was the season for the Raptors.

Coach Darrell Walker quickly lost control of the team, and Toronto won just two of its first 24 games, dropping 17 in a row at one point. Meanwhile, a couple of February blockbuster deals sent Stoudamire, Rogers, Williams and Jones packing. Suddenly the youngest club in the NBA, the Raptors bungled their way through the rest of the campaign, finishing at Among the few bright spots on the team were Camby, who demonstrated All-Star ability when healthy, and swingman Doug Christie, who began to mature into a solid scorer.

The new coach sat down with Tracy and explained that he had to develop into an outstanding practice player before he could even think about being an NBA starter. He also found an ally in Kobe Bryant. Bryant, in his second year with the Los Angeles Lakers, advised Tracy to seize opportunities in practice and games to impress the Raptors. That, he said, was all the organization wanted to see. In the second half of the year, Tracy began to gain a better feel for life on and off the court in the pros.

He hit the weight room and pushed himself and teammates in practice. His first career NBA start came in late December against the Washington Wizards, and he hit for 13 points and grabbed five rebounds. Against the New Jersey Nets, also in February, he recorded season-highs with 22 points and eight rebounds. For the year, playing 18 minutes a night, he averaged seven points, four rebounds, and one assist.

Things began to look up for Tracy in June when the Raptors pulled off a draft-day trade that brought Vince Carter to the club. Their bond strengthened after they discovered they shared the same bloodlines. Thanks to the NBA lockout, which dragged into the winter of , Tracy and Carter had plenty of time to get reacquainted.

On the advice of Joel Hopkins, he worked out with a personal trainer named Wayne Hall. Uncle Butch, meanwhile, visited him in Florida and put him through the paces at a football camp run by his brother, All-Pro receiver Cris Carter.

When the labor dispute finally ended, Tracy, who added 15 pounds of muscle to his once spindly frame, looked like a new player. Their impact was immediate. From there, they battled hard night in and night out.

With a final record of , Toronto enjoyed its best season in franchise history. Carter, who was named Rookie of the Year, set the league on fire with his high-flying dunks and high-scoring performances. Alvin Williams gained valuable experience running the point. Tracy also became an integral part of the team. Coach Carter found a role for him as a sparkplug off the bench. Tracy split time between small forward and point guard. Under the boards, he was so quick off the floor that he kept balls alive that normally would have fallen harmlessly into enemy hands.

Tracy finished second on the Raptors in blocked shots 1. The two were rarely seen apart from each other. Teammates jokingly referred to them as Siamese twins. At times, however, the cousins took their relationship too far. That was apparent in the fall of , during a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The pair was so focused on playing to the crowd that they forgot to play defense or pass the ball to teammates. Toronto fell , and forward Antonio Davis, newly acquired from the Indiana Pacers, called a closed-door meeting and administered an old-fashioned dressing down of the two young stars.

Tracy had already stirred some controversy when he told the media he deserved to see the floor at least 30 minutes a game. Consistency was his biggest flaw. Tracy and his agent, Arn Tellem, kept close tabs on how Toronto dealt with him. Due to become a free agent at the end of the season, the year-old felt he had tremendous leverage. Going into the All-Star break, the club boasted a record of , its best mark ever at the midway point.

Both mentioned Orlando as a possible destination. By the end of February, Coach Carter had to make room in the starting five for Tracy.

With him, Vince, and Doug Christie teaming up, the Raptors presented matchup problems for everyone they faced. Toronto won 11 of its first 13 with Tracy as a starter. He pulled down 15 rebounds against Chicago and blocked seven shots against Houston.

When April rolled around, the Raptors, at , secured their first post-season berth in franchise history. Drawing the Knicks in the first round, Toronto appeared ready for a playoff upset. But tensions simmering below the surface spoiled the fun. When the Raptors blew a chance early in their best-of-three series to win one at Madison Square Garden, New York breathed a sigh of relief, then completed a sweep with an victory at the Air Canada Center, the first NBA post-season game ever contested north of the U.

Though it was small consolation, Tracy played fantastic end-to-end ball. In his playoff debut in New York, he poured in 25 points and hauled down 10 rebounds, and completely disrupted the Knicks in the paint. He went on to average nearly 16 points, seven rebounds and three assists for the series. After the playoff loss, it was time for Tracy to start thinking about his future NBA home.

Elton Brand of the Bulls tried to persuade him to go to Chicago, but he was uninterested in a rebuilding team. The two teams in hottest pursuit were the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat.

Tracy mcgrady biograpy

Tracy mcgrady biograpy