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Sign up for our newsletters! Combining mythology, fate and and both world wars, Julie Berry spins a heartbreaking and formidable tale of love. Best friends Delia and Josie love hosting their campy creature feature show, but with the end of senior year, they have to face their futures. Instead of returning home, she headed to France. An ordinary woman from Maryland, she dove into the action, first joining a French ambulance unit and later becoming an undercover agent for both the British Office of Strategic Services and the US Office of Strategic Services.

Teen site review

Teen site review

The Weight of the Stars by K. Signing up with Teen Counseling is simple. Nail-biting start to trilogy in His Dark Materials world. Teaming up with his best friend, Lana Lang, Teen site review discovers that before he can save the world, he must save Smallville. Marley and Me MAG.

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Teen site review

Teen site review. Porn Site Reviews


Books for Teens

By the time the tired twosome finally track down Marcy, they discover that things have shifted between them, and what each of them thought they wanted has changed over the course of one last memorable journey around the pumpkin patch.

This charming autumnal-themed graphic novel is brimming with light romance, cute banter and of course, pumpkin-flavored treats. Fans of Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks will be pleased by their timely, tasty collaboration that is destined to both steal hearts and whet appetites!

Not, like, mind. When Carolina Suarez, aka Leanna Smart, international pop idol, stops by his store to stock up on sour gummies, sparks fly. Pablo is instantly smitten. But the fragile thread of their starcrossed connection threatens to snap under the weight of his student debt, her mega-fame and their shared indecision about the future. Packed with current fashion, food and gaming references that will either date or immortalize it, Permanent Record is a funny and deeply felt love letter to New York, international snack foods and family ties.

Poor Freddy! No matter how much attention she pays to her popular, super hot girlfriend, Laura Dean, LD just keeps breaking her heart. Her friends Doodle, Eric and Buddy are tired of seeing her so upset and consoling her every time Laura Dean decides to take a powder. Freddy finally writes in to Anna Vice, an internet advice columnist, in a desperate attempt to understand her rollercoaster relationship. But before Anna can write back, Laura Dean pulls a stunt that finally shows Freddy once and for all the kind of person she truly is.

This smart, super realistic graphic novel sprung from the head of Mariko Tamaki , author of the awesome This One Summer with Jillian Tamaki , Emiko Superstar and some terrific Lumberjanes, among many others. I am progress. It all comes to a head when Jo simultaneously uncovers the origin of her birth, has her identity unmasked by an unexpected ally, and falls in love. Can she keep all the threads of her complicated life securely knotted, or will they slip away like the velvet ties on her favorite hat?

Coming to a library, bookstore or e-reader near you August Adele is green-eyed and rule -abiding. Lottie is blue-eyed and law-breaking. But despite their differences, they are both mixed race girls trying to survive in the strict, class system of the British protectorate of Swaziland. Each group has their own social clubs and schools, their own traditions and rules.

The South African landscape is gorgeously realized in descriptive swaths of color and light. Fans of historical fiction, boarding school books, and female solidarity will swoon over this summer read that takes you far way, while also bringing you home. No big deal, she has enough to fill her days without worrying about locking lips. But then a mysterious phone call turns her comfortable world upside down.

Mads discovers a hidden family secret that suddenly sheds new light on her lack of kissing enthusiasm. Crenshaw have hit a home run when it comes to portraying uber-realistic teen characters and their equally confused and conflicted parents. This funny, poignant graphic novel about figuring out who you are while navigating parental expectations, friendship loyalties and religious beliefs should be at the top of your summer reading list! High school senior Frank Li has never had a girlfriend.

His big sister Hanna made the mistake of falling in love with a non-Korean, and now his parents act as though she died. Frank knows that should his heart follow the same path, he will no doubt suffer the same fate. Brit is hot, smart and white. He also knows he can never introduce her to his racist parents. What starts out as a bad idea gets immeasurably worse when Frank realizes that he just might actually like Joy after all.

Could his fake date end up being his true love? Debut author David Yoon, husband of the writerly wonderful Nicola Yoon , fearlessly tackles issues of inter-generational race relations, privilege, and the deeply uncomfortable and often untenable situation of being stuck between two cultures, while being very, very funny.

As does the K in K-pop, K-fashion or K-dramas. Gaps in time, gaps between generations. Money creates gaps…if there are that many micro-tribes all over the place, what does Korean even mean? What do any of the labels anywhere mean?

Coming to a library, bookstore or Kindle near you September Otherwise, head back to the beginning. At the end of the original series, The Runaways fell apart.

Alex and Gert died, Molly went to middle school, and Carolina headed to college. As Nico slums it in a cheap apartment, trying to decide her next move, she is stunned when Chase shows up, a nearly dead Gert in tow. The only problem is that no one seems terribly interested, which throws Gert into a deep depression. Why did Chase rescue her only to have re-lose the only family she has left? Fans and newbies to the series alike will find much to love in this delightful reboot.

Volumes 1- 2 are out now, and Volume 3 comes out Apil 23rd, so hightail it to your nearest library or bookstore for immediate Runaways gratification! In addition, they must also avoid the Poachers, a shadowy group of disenfranchised men whose favorite activity is to hunt down Grace Year girls, dismember them and sell their appendages on the black market.

Not only are friends enemies, and enemies friends, but Tierney discovers there are powerful factions who are deeply invested in maintaining the violent Grace Year tradition, not matter what the cost. And beastly it is, with poachers waiting to pounce and gory death lurking behind every tree trunk.

But it also overflows with fascinating flower lore, forbidden love and fierce feminism. Kim Liggett ties up each plot twist in a neat, if bloody bow, and I found the conclusion exceedingly satisfying. But before Ari can figure out what his heart is telling him, a terrible accident blows up his relationship with Hector and drives them apart. Can Ari make a new future for himself while finding his way back to Hector?

Pluck this Bloom asap from your nearest library or bookstore! Bickering gods, assassin nuns, passionate freedom fighters and aristocratic spies await within the pages of these epic alternate histories! So take a peek at the reviews and let me know—do you think these titles fit the bill? All four fantastical tales can be snatched up NOW at your local library or bookstore. Aspiring chef Emoni Santiago has a lot on her plate no pun intended! She so busy juggling school, her greasy spoon job, her demanding elective cooking class, and her baby girl Emma that college seems like a distant dream.

Even though he takes Emma every other weekend, his petty jealousies just makes Emoni tired. There she stirs up food that feeds the stomach AND the soul. Could that be her ticket out of the corner life has crowded her into? Come for the recipes, stay for the swoony romance and complex character relationships. Coming to a library, bookstore or e-reader near you May As many of you already know, Anne Frank was a Jewish teenage girl who kept a diary from to while living in hiding from the Nazis with her family in Amsterdam.

The original diary is full of wry observations, silly asides and bursts of teenage angst, rage and sadness. I mean, I could have dragged the list out to ten, but that would have taken away from the absolute awesomeness of these five, utterly top-notch books. Please note that there has been absolutely no attempt to balance this list by age, gender or genre.

Also, since I am lucky enough to get paid to review in publications other than this lovely blog, I reviewed some of my favorites elsewhere. Click on the title to go right to the review and happy New Year! The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl. Way back in the day when Amazon was still just an online bookstore, I was hired to write freelance reviews of YA novels which sadly, are now long gone from the site. If you know YA literature at all, you know that those were the BIG THREE, the titles that ushered in the new golden age of YA lit by dealing frankly with issues of race, sexual identity and sexual assault while also being universally accessible and beautifully written.

It won multiple awards , was made into a movie and is taught in high schools all over the country. And in , twenty years after the publication of the original book, Laurie Halse Anderson and artist Emily Carrol have transformed it into a simply spectacular graphic novel.

Speak the Graphic Novel tells the now classic story of Melinda, a high school freshman who has stopped talking because she was raped at a party the summer before ninth grade. She is shunned by former friends and ignored by her busy parents. The only adult who shows her any positive attention is her art teacher, the goatee-ed Mr. Like her tree, Melinda survives, grows, and renews herself, refusing to give up even when the pages go dark. Skip to content. Older posts.

Teen site review

Teen site review