People pooping pants-17 Poop Horror Stories Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

But some deeper digging shows profound interest in the subject. The obvious upside to pants around the ankles is it allows for maximum manspreading, and a wide stance is necessary when dealing with a particularly stubborn bowel movement. Plus, it increases air flow to nether regions, which is nice during the swampbutt-y summer months. The downside, of course, to having your pants around the ankles is the risk of them touching the floor of a public bathroom, and thus, having to burn them because of contamination. Now, I can understand a man taking his pants off completely when pooping , especially in the confines of his own home.

People pooping pants

People pooping pants

People pooping pants

People pooping pants

And then I ran right smack into a Peole jam. It was just People pooping pants normal day of training, using a rowing machine for steady state cardio, but I had eaten some old yogurt the day before. I ran to the extremely fancy bathroom and had to toss my underwear in the trash can. I called my husband back for words of encouragement. My boyfriend finally came out, so People pooping pants lied and said I threw up poopig the dumpster.

Chinese dating service scams. Basically, we're vile, disgusting creatures, and we want to share.

People pooping pants your comment: 0. Best Scat Peopl Sites. I went poopy in my panties earlier after holding for 2 days. I pantz getting the sweats. I had two options: Die like Elvis or call my little brother. There's something extra horrible about shitting your pants when there's a toilet right in front of you. She was pretty enraptured in the flick, Big butts anal videos the hands seemed positive, and we were going back to mine and my dad's to "grab a drink," and then she was going to "figure out her bus route home" later. You'll be fine. Sending the names and numbers of their closest friends. Without People pooping pants, it would be impossible for Similar Worlds panfs be secure and effective. Just a dribble, but I still had to pajts away some of my favorite SpongeBob underwear. I'd just started seeing this girl, and I'd dropped her off for work in the morning, and before we went our separate ways, we stopped into a local coffee shop and grabbed a beverage. It was a combination of knowing that the lines would be shorter there, and knowing I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that were to actually happen inside the camp. Was there an incident that made you like it, maybe an embarrassing first People pooping pants

Moral of these stories: Never trust a fart.

  • That's right, everybody.
  • Sure, babies and old people do it all the time.

Now, as you get older, pooping your pants becomes less acceptable. But, as an adult? Driving alone over an hour to attend the wedding of family friends.

I woke up late and had no time for a real breakfast resulting in grabbing one of those Starbucks fraps from a gas station, and a box of mini Charleston chews because hey why not! We were at a nice hotel and the breakfast was served in our room. One day I woke up and sitted with my family to eat the breakfast, I felt I might fart a little so I relax and letted it go. It looked like the Dulce de leche I ate came in and out of my body immediatly.

When I realize it, I run to the shower and after that I spent the whole breakfast time cleaning the chair I was sitted on while my family laughed a lot. My sister and I were in a furniture store in Florida. It was hot and humid. She tied the sweatshirt she was wearing around her waist and we went home so she could change. It was one of the best days of my entire life. Every single time she pisses me off… Remember that time you shit your pants?

My boyfriend went in a trip to New Orleans with some friends. He makes a show of leaning over to fart on his mate as lads do and then it all goes south.

Calls me later and we have a bad connection. Winds up having to repeat the story to me 3 times before I get the whole thing. I was on the porch enjoying a nice summer cigarette and happily scrolling. I let out a silent one, but heard a splat on the ground behind me. I turned around and saw my worst fear, a gigantic plop of diarrhea. The trail led from the pooling in my shorts down the back of my leg. I waddled through the house into the bathroom, and ordered my 9 year old out.

I jumped right into the shower clothes and all, but I was too late. My daughter saw the back of my shorts. She followed the poop trail through the house to the porch and came racing back to laugh hysterically at my expense.

Me and my best friend along with a few others in our prom group had booked rooms at a hotel nearby our prom venue. Our plan was to get shit-faced at the hotel that night, and then head to the beach for the rest of the weekend.

We prepared for months leading up, getting people to buy alcohol for us since we were underage. Anyway, the day of prom comes, and when I woke up that morning, I felt super sick to my stomach, but decided just to ignore it and hope it would go away, which it did. At least I thought so. We checked into the hotel and got ready and headed off to prom. About 2 hours into the 4 hour dance, I started to feel super sick to my stomach, so I sat out for about 30 minutes while my friends finished up and me and couple others headed back to the hotel early and told the others we would set up for the night so it would be ready when they got back.

I felt better after the car ride back to the hotel, so I decided to partake in some pre-game shots with my friends. Before we knew it, we were already pretty drunk, and my other group of friends was arriving back at the hotel and needed one of us to come open the back door so they could get in since the lobby had closed. I decided to go. I got on the elevator anyway, and on the way down to the first floor, I suddenly had to poop so bad.

Like I was sweating and panting and holding my butt in my hands because I thought I was gonna shit myself. As soon as the elevator opened, my drunk mind told me that I needed to find something to shit in, and I frantically started looking around for some sort of potor bin or something.

It was all over my dress, my legs and the recycling bin. I will take the stairs. While waiting in the room between contractions, etc. I ate lunch — which was a sandwich — which I thought was gluten-free, but turned out not to be. After a while I started feeling it in my bowels. I shat myself.

Embarrassed, I excused myself to the delivery room bathroom and discovered some very messy pants. So, I tried cleaning them the best I could with soap and water before I hopped in the shower — intended for my sister. When my family heard the shower going they asked what I was doing. Not wanting to admit I pooped myself, I just said I spilled food on me. After the shower I put on the still wet underwear and rejoined the family.

I thought the soap and water did the trick, but … no. We get home late and immediately pass out, as you do. The next day I am jolted awake. I rush to the bathroom, completely nude, hand covering my ass for some reason , moving faster than I have ever moved before.

One quick toot and out comes a liquid sploosh onto the floor. I run into the bathroom, still pooping and make a good portion of it into the toilet. But, curious as she is, she sneaks her phone over the couch, just to look and snaps a quick picture.

I tell her not to move and that of course I will clean everything, which I did after jumping into the shower and spraying all the air freshener. Once everything was clean and I was certain I was empty. I went out and bought her a dozen doughnuts, her usual order from Starbucks and flowers. The year was Said friends were standing on the balcony waving when they noticedmy husband start to slow down and turn pale. Turns out on the walk, he had a horrible urge to fart and instead shit himself on the sidewalk.

No one has let him forget this story. Okay SO i was in France with my best friend studying abroad and one night we went out and got some escargots. Once we got on the second train, it started. I got really hot and sweaty and knew something was wrong. By the time we got on the bus i was in full Bridesmaids mode- I literally thought at any moment i was gonna throw up. Then it happened.

I shit myself on a bus shoulder to shoulder with 20 of my peers and probably 20 other natives. We finally get to the room and i run to the bathroom, take off all my clothes, put my poop covered jeans in a bag and chuck it out the window onto the roof of an apartment building. Last but not least, our professor came and brought me medicine while i was in my underwear crawling into the kitchen to get water. We ended up skipping dinner and having many, many drinks and soaking in the hot tub.

When we got out he decided to make dinner while I was lounging on the couch. I started to feel upset to my stomach from all the booze and told him I was about to get sick. As I was hunched forward throwing up in the pot I felt a geyser of diarrhea shoot out from my jeans and all over the couch. It just kept pouring put like poo lava as I heaved.

After I finished he ended up throwing me in the bath and helped me get clean. What made it worse was I ended going back to his house the next day to get my clothes because I left in a hurry that night after my bath and when I arrived at his house he was in the front yard hosing down my shit covered jeans and his couch cushions. He was so sweet about it all but I avoided him for several weeks.

So I managed a fancy restaurant. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I trusted a very dangerous fart. Rookie mistake. I ran to the extremely fancy bathroom and had to toss my underwear in the trash can. I was so worried my staff would take the trash out that evening and say something about the smell. Moral of the story never trust a fart. Naturally, someone like me who has back problems, I decided to use an exerciseball for an extended period of time.

One day at work, towards the end of the day, I was finishing up for the day and suddenly I was on the ground! After a good laugh, I had eventually went home.

How there was no smell was odd, but the impact really must have let something loose. One of the many times that I took a laxative, oddly enough I had an allergic reaction to something and was advised that I should takesome Benadryl I broke out in hives all over.

Sooooo if anyone is familiar with Benadryl, it typically knocks you out. Drugged myself and fell asleep and the laxative kicked in and I pooped myself while sleeping. Two thumbs way up…oh and by the way my boyfriend at the time was in bed with me. Waaaaay too much to drink. Wake up 2 hours later; freezing cold tub, lettuce, soggy bun, and hamburger floating in oily water. And, I had pooped my underwear. Not my finest moment. I had already pooped twice that day and we were about a mile down river when I immediately knew I had to take a massive shit.

I pull off on the bank, rip my shorts down, and let it all go.

Scat and pissing girls. But this time, the water penetrated every orifice in my entire lower body with full force. I was literally sprinting to the bathroom and she was like, "Where are you going? Are there any other teen boys who like doing this and at what age did you start liking and doing it on purpose? Swearing, honking the horn, yelling at other drivers. And at a weird time in the morning—like AM or something.

People pooping pants

People pooping pants

People pooping pants

People pooping pants. More pooping, pissing girls and scat porn videos

He refused to pick me up, but I lived to tell the tale. I wrecked the bathroom. I wrecked my pants. And I wrecked any not much respect my little brother had for me.

I was close, but I became stumped by my door code and just couldn't quite make it inside. Thankfully, I was smart enough to put all my clothes and ID in the washer that night, but it made for a very confusing and naked morning.

Let me tell ya: It was not a fart. It wasn't a fart. I arrived at school 30 minutes early because we had a test that day and I hadn't studied, so I was going to cram before the test in my car. Luckily, I kept it cool and I pulled the Chipotle napkins out of my glove box, wiped my ass right there in the parking lot, threw the napkins in the trash and went on to take my test. I got a 98 percent on it too. I had taken Miralax earlier in the day. Not because I was backed up, but literally just because I was curious.

Anywho, I was having a little chat with my mom when I thought I had to let out a fart. I was literally sprinting to the bathroom and she was like, "Where are you going? Just a dribble, but I still had to throw away some of my favorite SpongeBob underwear. I brushed my shoulders off and said, "Hit it! But this time, the water penetrated every orifice in my entire lower body with full force.

I got back to the dock, where I was standing in my bikini, cheering for my pal. My other pal looks down at my crotch and asks me what's in my swim suit. I look down and see some lumps in the bottom of my bikini. Enemas, am I right? It was just a normal day of training, using a rowing machine for steady state cardio, but I had eaten some old yogurt the day before. Yep, I crapped my Spandex in a room full of people.

I sprinted to the bathroom, cleaned up and finished the workout. I took a "sportsman's chance" hoping it would just be a fart, but I lost that chance. Ever since then, I've enjoyed being messy and haven't always been able to control it! This message was deleted by its author. I started pooping my pants at 8 years old, and never have stopped to this day.

I love sitting in my poop, wearing it in my jeans all day. I go out in public with a load of poop in my jeans, I poop them in public and don't hide it from anyone. I get turned on wearing a load of poop in my jeans. I did it all through school and even pooped in my wrestling singlet during high school wrestling matches. I never cared who knew I had pooped, and still don't. I do it whenever I need to go no matter where I am.

I started around 11 or Still do now, however I prefer to wet my pants or nappy. But every now and then I get the urge to mess my pants or nappy. I prefer to wet and mess in briefs and jeans as you can see the wet spot grow and it feels amazing. I started at 13 or Just lived it from the start so hot smooth I would sit in it then Jack off with it.

Still love doi git. Hi people, I am a 12 year old ready to get banged or just ready to poop with you imma girl but its ok if you are to. Also my email is doggymotto aol. I love filling up my underwear. I'm I wish I was brave enough to do it around others. I started when I was about Still do it now whenever I have the chance. I started at 10 and I am 16 now.

20 People Reveal The Traumatizing Times They've Pooped Their Pants As An Adult

A lot of things can happen: You can fall above said bad gear and smash into a ledge. You can fail to recover, take a mandatory, dislocate all kinds of body parts. You can get launched out of a raft or buried under tons of rushing water.

You can get mauled by a bear. But will you shit your pants? This is important. Digested food and drink is also seen as non-vital to fight or flight so [it] will be discarded. However, it is not socially acceptable in this society to urinate or defecate on the pavement before a confrontation so we have learned to control the instinct. Unfortunately all these natural feelings are now very often seen as signs of cowardice. But, Marguiles writes:. The wall of the gut has its own complex of nerves called the enteric nervous system, which seems to respond to hormones released from the brain under periods of high anxiety, an emotion critical to being scared shitless.

So, Marguiles writes, anxiety, or fear of the unknown, can lead to digestive issues — but once anxiety exits and rational fear sets in, the sympathetic nervous system takes over. In one s study by Calvin S. Obviously less-than-desirable behavior in a climbing partner, or a pal you want to count on to dig you out of an avalanche. Although combat and street fights are arguably quite different than situations encountered in climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and paddling, the fight-or-flight response happens in a wide variety of situations.

There are lots of things to be worried about when clipping into your skis, tying into a rope, signing up for a tandem skydive, or putting in above all-time whitewater. Shitting your pants is certainly one of them. Wow, thank you! Will you join the thousands of other readers helping build AJ for the future? I wrestled growing up and had to shit literally every match. I have definitely had the need to drop a load while hearing up at the base of a committing route.

Like my body is preparing itself. An overwhelming need to go sweeps over me as I pour…. This response to Stress by the CNS is well known among combat veterans and fighters. The body seems to want to get any unnecessary tasks out of the way to prepare for performance and possible injuries. Is it true or a myth …that is your scared you shit your pants…can this actually happen???? However, due to toilet training we become afraid to defecate in our pants because it comes with great deal of embarrassment.

But guess what? This irrational fear creates a feedback loop that later manifests itself in OCD. Basically you try to convince your body not to shit itself. But true for many people. Indecisiveness, anxiety, social maladaptation… And all of that from fear to shit your pants. Just tell them what to do. If a Sabre tooth tiger chase you up a tree, you shit yourself so it makes the predators think you are rancid and they leave you alone.

I was in a dangerous area where people have been shot. I suppose some people can do things easyer than others is all.

During run-up to battle of the somme in ww1, german soldiers were hunkered down for a week whilst allied forces shelled their positions. Some were wiped out, many survived. The bombardment was unprecedented, relentless. Terrified insane Rats ran into the concrete bunkers and had to be killed with shovels. The survivors passed the time by recording how many men shit themselves.

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People pooping pants

People pooping pants

People pooping pants