Nude beach erections story-Embarrassing Erection at Nude Beach at

You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please login or signup free. Sign In Sign Up. I've always been easily aroused. It wasn't until later that I realized the sight, or the thought of it, wasn't funny or embarrassing to them.

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story

She noticed me looking and I started feeling embarrassed. Kristin lay out to dry in Dirt late model racing supplies sun and I stood there looking out to the water, toweling off. And all of a sudden, without any warning or time to think, my dick stood straight up! Paul is somewhat […]. When we were all finished June said "I enjoyed what we have all done. They are copyright protected and may be linked Nude beach erections story but not copied elsewhere. I orgasmed underwater and she laughed but kept kissing me. It just happened. Avid reader. But I will always remember that first time with a soldier on the nude beach.

Riggs carpenter pants. Nudist Erection and Issues With Nude Nudists With Public Erections

But not as bad as usual. After ten minutes, I realized that my Nude beach erections story was never going to wilt, so I was steeling myself up LOL for what was going to be the hardest walk of my life. They were encouraged to not wear clothes to smooth out their skin. The southern half of the beach was clothing optional. With a forethought Nude beach erections story uncertainty, David moved his hands up to Ellie's tight teenage butt. She smoothed down the corners of her Nilli willis nude with little pats of her hands whilst crawling on all fours, with her gorgeous rear in the air. I bent over, taking my time, giving him a nice view of my ass and shaven pussy, pretending to get something out of my bag and then walked past him. First Day in the Caribbean 09 He is awakened by the best alarm clock—twice! Both I suspect! Nude beach erections story my way down the beach minutes later, she was leaning on her elbows with her legs spread wide and looking me straight in the eye, wow what a rush. I grabbed a hold of her arm to pull her on top of me, but she wouldn't let me. My D cup amateurs dolly Hottie Ch. Class Demonstration Ch. If this continues I suspect that one day she will fondle one of her sons cock and he will come right in her hand.

There's a public county beach, and then this private nude beach about a mile north that cannot be accessed on foot along the beach because of big rock outcroppings.

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Shower in gym Getting Caught with an erection in Gym Class gross. Nude just embarrasing Gym class embarising 39 year old virgin Nude beach bike ride Boner from dad Spa day physical First time at nude beach Oops at beach. Life Sucks! I have always considered myself hetero exclusively. I am athletic,well built and have a nice sized cock. The other day I met a sixteen year old who was by all definitions a "Superman".

He has a 6'4" large frame, chisled body and looks. He speaks two languages and got perfect scores on his college boards. He is so mature and composed that you would think he was twice his age and well heeled.

He was working out at the gym with his father who I met through business associates. He joined his father and I in the sauna totally nude. It is the first time in my life that I responded to another male body. I had to leave the sauna and get away from his influence. Has this ever happened to any other guy out there? My response to this kid really turns my previous thoughts of myself upside down!

This happened today actually, well i was at the shopping centre quite expensive stuff in there then i saw one of my favourate basketball players, sophia signorelli, who plays for my favourate team, nottingham wildcats she of course plays for the ladies side and is a swedish international.

I was eighteen and in a steam room at a spa for the first time. I was with my cousin who had never been to a spa either. All we had on was a towell around our waists. We were alone until a woman a few years older than us came in.

Like us, she had a towell around her waist leaving her tits exposed for our viewing. The woman was young and attractive with one of the nicest pair of tits I had ever seen.

The were large, well shaped and she had cute tiny nipples. There was sign at the entrance the read nudity was alound be warned it was co-ed. I felt my cock start to stiffen, but I was able to talk it down in my head. My cousin on the other hand was not.

Our family is fortunate to be well hung. His ten inch dick suddenly stood fully erect. The long pole pushed open his towell. The girl giggled and assured it was natural and she took it as a compliment. All of the sudden, she undid her towell exposing her snatch to us. That did it for me. My dick stood fully erect knocking off my towell. The girl just laughed and suggested a dip in the cold water bath. This summer me and my family went on vacation.

While we were there we went to Olive Garden to meet local family members. Well the place was really crowded and there would be a 45 minute wait. About 15 minutes in the wait a family goes to there table and leave a free chair,so I decide to take the chair. My 16 year old sister decides to sit on my lap because theres no where else to sit.

I'm 12 I instantly pop a boner. So I tell her she can sit there, and I go into the corner. Trying not to make it obvious. Well my dad walks over to take a picture of my sister. Since he took one of her he decides to take one of me. I didn't think he noticed until later that night when he shows the picture of me and my boner to the entire family.

I wanted to crawl into a hole. Thanks dae. With that he said prove it lets c. I t wasnt long before we were both sittin in his caravan wiv hard cock playin wiv them. She was one of a group of the 6 girls that used to hav a giggle about my small dick. When I was a teenager, my friend and I went to the beach to test out my new car. We left the car alone after a while and started playing in the sand like kids. He buried me vertically, half way down my chest.

As I tried to escape my pants came off, and I was left in my underwear. We couldn't recover my pants, so we decided we'd get on without them, my friend had seen me in my underwear before, and I him, the beach was not crowded, and we had a car to get home.

So off we drove, me in my White boxers. The very day I drive in my underwear, no shirt or anything, the cops decide to check for taxes. I panicked, it was a new car, I hadn't taxed it yet, and I got a boner. I tried ti cover it with my hands, but it was a big one, and it unbuttoned my boxers.

My friend couldnt contain himself with laughter. Finally the cops came to us. I covered up my penis and acted as natural as is possible when you are practically naked.

The cop asked why I hadn't got taxes, and I said that it was a new car. He gave me a month of grace, but asked for my license.

So I had to lean into the backseat to get it. So the cop saw my penis and My friend saw my penis. This happend to me a while ago One morning i was lying on my couch in my house's front room i was wearing a shirt and a pair of small yet loose shorts. My sis is now 14 and she has become very hot looking over the past year.

I was thinking of how I would love to see her reaction to seeing me nude. My chance came when she didnt come right in after school. Mom was at work so I was waiting in the bathroom to hear her come in.

I put the towels in the hamper so I could go out and get new ones from the closet. I knew she was in the living room so I walked out of the bathroom nude and acted as if I didnt see her until it was too late. I tried to keep my penis soft so she wouldnt get suspicious but it got hard.

I acted like surprised to see her and she was sitting with her eyes wide open and her mouth hanging open and staring at my hard penis. I said "Oh I am sorry I didnt hear you come in". Meantime I stood there letting her keep looking. She got over her shock and said "why are you walking out here naked? She was now walking toward me. Way to my surprise she began feeling my penis and I kissed her.

She ended up doing a full hand job that day. I felt inside her panties and played with her vag. It was soooo hot. I diont know if anything will happen again. When I was 10 I was in a car accident that left me in a coma.

I did not awake until I was I went into a dream state for five years with a body of a little boy and awoke with a body of a young man. While I had to undergo alot of rehab to physically recover from lying around for five years, I am approaching normal in my movement. My body's muscule systems are very weak and will need work to make me look right. The biggest change of course is I now have a big cock and balls where I used to have a little pp.

I also am sprouting hair everywhere. Psychologically I am still about years old. I am having problems getting used to the way people treat me now as compared to when I was I also have problems dealing with all these feelings and resulting erections. I am constantly getting erections during rehab when they massage and stretch my legs, arms and back.

I get them in the whirl pool. I get them during tv shows where anything at all sexual occurs. I get them in front of my mother. I am so embarrassed!

I stopped and stared. Nobody else was around, so what the hell! Women, what is your view on erections on nude beaches? She also told me that she had a boyfriend. I have a big straw hat and dark sun glasses so they cant see my reactions.

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story. One Reply to “My Very First Secret Trip To A Nude Beach”


Nudist Erection | Public Erections and Naturist Etiquette

You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please login or signup free. Sign In Sign Up. I've always been easily aroused. It wasn't until later that I realized the sight, or the thought of it, wasn't funny or embarrassing to them.

It made them wet between the legs! By the time I learned about it I was in my late twenties and married. The beach wasn't usually crowded but it could be counted on for five or ten women, sometimes solo, along with the usual smattering of gay guys and saggy old men. I'd place my towel at one end the beach was about meters long , preferably within hailing distance of a woman but not intrusively close. Then, after I'd 'acclimatized' I'd dare myself by walking nude along the surf, without my towel.

But that never really happened, just short greetings. Women readers, a question for you: how would you feel if we stood conversing in that situation and I got a hard-on? I would be mortified. How would you feel? But on this day I got nearly all the way to the far end of the beach when I encountered a beautiful girl about my age, with perfect, ravishing, firm, tan breasts.

And she had on a gold lame' bikini bottom. She was frolicking in the surf just a few feet from me. What 'got' me was that she wasn't quite naked but I was. CFNM gets me every time. I got an immediate and impossible to hide erection. I was imagining I couldn't help it!! I was that hard!!! She, of course, had nothing to worry about-when girls get boners they're hard to see! I was so embarrassed I immediately sat down in the sand right where I was, just above the water line. She didn't notice me, but two women nearby were quite interested in my predicament!

I hoped that my cock would relax as I sat there, but it never showed any sign of doing that. And my towel was m away!! Because, you see, although I find the sight of my own erection exciting, the thought of being seen that way by others, especially when it's 'embarrassing' as opposed to in the bedroom, is not only arousing to me, it's also genuinely embarrassing. But I was so very excited by my completely unavoidable predicament that at that point my stomach was trembling with butterflies as I walked back along the beach, my hard cock bobbling in front of me, no way to hide it!!

This very sweet-looking girl, younger than me, saw it as she walked toward me. She looked a little aghast and put one hand to her mouth, momentarily. I was too ashamed, honestly, to look her in the eye. When I got back to my towel my dick was just glistening with pre-cum. My nearest 'neighbor', a something woman about 20 meters away, didn't notice my arrival, as she was reading when I came back.

But by that time I was so out of my mind with excitement that I wanted her to see my boner too. So I lay kind of on my stomach, kind of on my side, with my erection in clear view in her direction. And, though I realize I wasn't really being sneaky, I would peek in her direction every few seconds until I saw that she had spotted me. And to my excitement she locked eyes on my cock and took no pains to hide the fact from me. She had a little smile. By now I was so wildly turned on I impulsively decided to do something I had never done, ever, while anyone was watching me, other than a couple of past girlfriends.

I started gently running my fingers up and down my cock, obviously as the start to masturbating. And before too many seconds I rolled onto my back and just shamelessly started stroking ver-r-r-ry slowly my rock-hard penis.

I let out a groan-by that point I was past caring!! The first blast hit me square in the lips, the second hit my chin, and then I made a big warm puddle of cum on my chest and stomach. Oh god!! It felt soooooo good!!!!!! I was absolutely spent but so, so thrilled that that woman had willingly watched me masturbate. It excited me to think it excited her. I waited a minute or two then got up to wash off in the surf. When I came back she smiled very warmly to me and came up to introduce herself at my towel, and just to say she thought it was wonderful.

It really made my day. Made my year!!! Thank you for following along with me! I would love to know your reactions and comments! Copyright SMI-Help.

Nude beach erections story

Nude beach erections story