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Fwd: FW: believe it or not Good morning all This creature was found along the shores of Sorsogon. Is it a merman? A mermaid? Is it some sort of never-before-seen alien bloodsucking denizen of the deep, half-fish and half-vampire, that coincidentally bears an uncanny resemblance to the snaggletoothed Count Orlock in F.

Mermaid found in malasia

Mermaid found in malasia

Mermaid found in malasia

If you were Mermaid found in malasia it could be anything other than the latter, you ought to dial your skeptic-o-meter up a notch. No felas! Cos of mermaid. Scary, huh? That is only a cartoon and mermaid costume. A prof said there is no God. A mermaid? However, this was found to be a sculpture made by an artist, Juan Cabana.

Pussy swimming pool. Dead Mermaid Found In Malaysia After Tsunamiand Adorn - Nairaland / General - Nairaland

Ofund actually saved the photos and text from Ebay for this item. This maybe true or……. I have Mermaix a small hole in the back of the head so that it Mermaid found in malasia be hung up on a wall for display. I don't think it was Mslasia though. I found this: I created this 5 foot long mermaid using a human skeleton and covering the entire corpse with real fish skin. Its too scary. Not like scales. I had seen the photo not exactly similar elsewhere before…. Take a look yourself…Check out its ribs. I think whom ever has created it done a Clit girl plush pumping job. Mermaid found in malasia aquatic animals have vision that evolved based on the side of the head this is a rule becuase they can see all around for predators.

The UGLY mermaid.

  • It's not a dead mermaid.
  • Its probably fake but its freaking spooky!
  • Mermaid found in malaysia?
  • The UGLY mermaid.

It's not a dead mermaid. It is a plaster sculptor by Juan Cabana a mexican artiste who is obssessed with anything mermaid. Type Juan cabana in google search engine you will see it. Thank you dexmond, Also i can see photoshop editing at work in the photo. The right arm was wrongly joint, also the shadows are awkward, especially the arm and head.

Shadows easily give away fake pictures. These people go to remarkable lengths to make people believe their fables, i wander then how it would have been easy in the past where the only means of communication is personal and no photos and tapes. So it is the joining of three four pictures. Dang dat shit is fugly! So what is the motivation of people going to that extent of mendacity just to promote their religious views? I'm very interested in the working of Lysters' mind. That's a dead merskeleton.

Poster u are a big fool. Thats a sculpture. Cos of mermaid. Hw stupid is dat. Lsyters: This will show that we dont serve a dead GOD Mermaid as found after tsunami Villagers there stumbled upon this creature think of this creature!!!! Keep thinking, the devil will never tell u the truth, he is very crafty, he makes pple to believe what is wrong. God is the only true and living God.

Another tales by moon light. Uncle poster pls next time don't try to fool us, i hate anybody who lie to glorify God be it christian, muslim or tradinationalist. God is not a liar. This is one of the funniest post on the religion section. God is the only true and living God and we need not spread incorrect information and lies, thereby becoming the Devil's offsprings in order to promote God. It is disheartening to learn of a creator who will deliberately kill people as if old testament killings were not enough just to show us an art.

You are a disgrace to christianity. I don't agree with you sir, there is no Photoshop work here, the picture to me is just as it is. So it is the joining of three four pictures What i see is simply a figure on the bare ground and the light is low like sunset ,giving it a long shadow. The low lights either natural or artificial also gave it a ghostly look.

But the picture is not doctored. The only part I agree with is that this is not a mermaid but an effigy. Living in constant state of paranoia, my advice, get a grip, and stop looking for things that do not exist. Wtf is wrong with some of you? That is a damn sculpture, but alas you have to turn it into a mermaid to remind yourself that god lives.

Mermaid my skinnny behind. I have been swindled. I just bought a special pass to come a view this mermaid privately and also get a piece to enhance my JazZ, cehi! Nigerians will not send me to mental home.

Greetings, I took the photo with a digital camera there is no photoshop involved. Visit my site thefeejeemermaid. This mermaid is not made out of plaster either as someone here claims. As are all my creations. Also I am not Mexican or Mexican descent. It's really lovely work you do! BillyG not sure what you are rambling about? All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

If you wanna make sure of that, just google it. Sirenas godmother heard the curse that the mother made. I think whom ever has created it done a great job. I remember him selling this item on Ebay about a year ago. Another tales by moon light.

Mermaid found in malasia

Mermaid found in malasia

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The UGLY mermaid. In the news google translated version [Thanks, Alan Goh ]. Update: Opps! Doesnt matter la, ugly or cantik.. Is that really a mermaid??!! Someone must be pulling our legs.. Now im confused.. What the heck is that creature? Could it be another type of alien..? Yea who knows.. A friend of mine noted that the camera watermark in the bottom right corner of each photo is similar to the ones found on ebay.

Perhaps someone who is better at looking for stuff on ebay can get to the bottom of this. On Ebay, the place mentioned was Florida. Hey, I think this is so cool. I have done studies on the ocean and have discovered that in myth mermaids were made to protect the ocean.

They were not meant to be beautiful or handsome. They were made in fact that if any sailor were to trespass their domain the mermaids would lure them to their lier to be killed, so that the sailors could not get back to land and tell of their secrets. If any sailor escaped to tell the tale no one would believe him and consider him insane. I was born in Haiti but left at a very early age so I have not got the chance to actually see one in person.

I remember my parents telling my other siblings and I stories trust me they were not pleasant stories about mermaids and voodoo priests and how their friends got to see mermaids or met a person that died that was brought back to life. Scary, huh? My point is who has time on their hands to be making up stories and I speak for my people in Haiti.

Ya ppl just urk my nerves! Total fake. Why would an highly adapted aquatic animal have a nasal passage??? Eyes should be on the side of the face not on the front. All aquatic animals have vision that evolved based on the side of the head this is a rule becuase they can see all around for predators. And the tail fin????? I mentioned months ago that this has been confirmed to be fake.

I think this picture here his a Fake but I do believe they exsist somewere. I think its fake…and if mermaids are real.. O gawd r u serious!?!? O gawd, Im gonna go kill myself now…o gawd! Oh and Yoshi if u had done a true study of ocean creatures you would realize that all marine biologists agree that ths is sooo fake it was made by a fan of the celebrated taxidermy artist Juan Cabana!!!!

I remember him selling this item on Ebay about a year ago. He is on my favorite sellers list and I check on his items periodically. For those of you who say it looks fake, if you see some closeups, you will eat your words. I always wanted to see mermaids and if this true, I thank the Almighty father and the person who made it possible for me to see.

I dont care how beutiful or ugly as long as it exist. But if is not true damn the person who is trying to be GOD. I would like to know what researchers explanation in this, so far they did not concentrated? I read stories in my childwood. I really want to see it, if it is true it should preserve. I think an alien came on earth and raped a fish……i think it may be the same thing which happend in the Us.. Nature is not an exact science.. This maybe true or……. Thats a fake.

The eyes should be on the side of his head like every other creature that lives in water. Now im not gonna say that mermaids etc. The sea is still a big secret to us, we dont know what kind of creatures do live in the deepest places of the seas… I mean, do you remember when those enourmous squids came up from the sea? We dont know anything about the sea. Do you guys believe in destiny???? Weo I am from the island of Tonga and we were suprised to heard this news because we never seen such things but I think that it is true….

Take a look yourself…Check out its ribs. Neither do they have nostril passages leading to lungs. Have fun taking a better look at the photograph…Btw; Gullable is written on your ceiling. And, compared to the rest of its body—they should have by now….

I got curious about this picture, that i had received by mail. I was exited to know they emailed me back, others were curious like me. It would have been exciting if it was a real mermaid though.. Jess: Ok, so thats one fugly mermaid! Like OMG, if someone made it, wouldnt they make it a little prettier? Its so real! Jess: Yer i kow, i just gettin ppls hopes up, it doesnt even have gills, it has lungs for mushrooms sake! Fish dont have lungs, wake up to yourselves! Not like scales. Jess: Yup , fake as!

I think whom ever has created it done a great job. Its too scary. Who has posted it? Wot is goin on guys? And get off your computer and do something worth your time!!!!!!! That look like a real one………but i know that cannot be the truth. Belife is actually spelt believe, orizontal? Get Your Dictionary out because you got a problem! No Pressure or anything, just learn to spell!!!!!!!!!! Luv JessRee. Dear Javier, No it was just the spelling that pissed us off.

What school did you go to?! And why would you be looking for mermaids on google anyway?! Just joking, we have nothing against you. Hi jessreed. Yes im working on it thanks,that a ugly mermaid, lol. That photo sure do scares me!

I thought Mermaids is Fascinating, Beautiful, gorgeous. How Frustating. OMG you bunch of thickos! It is hard to believe but i think that it is a Mermaid. I think so because there are alot of creatures that live in the ocean that we dont know about. So i think its true.

What a fake! Think logically.. Oh my …. I think that this picture is cool I had never ever seen a live picture of a mermaid befor can you send me some live mermaid pictures because I think that its cool? Its quite a facinating website for realscifi believers. Whats its age then? Its only recently that it has been found, so this seems flue. Is it a Mermen or Mermaid? I dnt care the physical appearnce… bt I jst wnt to see..

Mermaid found in malasia

Mermaid found in malasia