Eating disorders in teenage athletes. Eating Disorders and Athletes

As many parents can confirm, participating in competitive sports can help kids stay out of trouble. Rather than hanging out at the mall or in front of a video game console after school, they can enjoy regular exercise and the companionship of other players. Playing competitive sports can boost self-esteem and teach teamwork and leadership lessons. But sometimes being on a team that focuses too heavily on performance — or appearance — may trigger an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a medical condition characterized by an unhealthy obsession with food, weight, and appearance.

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Men with breast cancer t. Male Breast Cancer Fact: The first sign is always a lump in your chest

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Or you found us because you were searching for information on breast cancer and had no idea that a man could be diagnosed with this disease? We are here to inform, to educate, bring awareness and help with prevention or assist if you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer. Men: It is Your Life. Your Treatment.

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