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Please be aware that there are currently production problems with Rapier products and that Jet-x has ceased production. Please check availability before placing any orders. At this time I am not able to advise if, or as to when a normal supply situation will resume. A Mailing list is also available. The product has now been reclassified from a smoke generation device to that of a firework.

Davis model products jet-x

Davis model products jet-x

See the Product Review for further information. Also available proructs a 1-Way Valve with a screw in fill fitting. Read times. The Traveling Prop. Powermax UK. The models sailed off one last time, lit firecrackers ready to blow. I was bummed!

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This topic This board Entire forum Google. Advertise Here. October 22, , PM. Author Topic: Do you remember Jetex? Read times. Not CL Stunt, but interesting. When I was a kid I really wanted one of these. Later, they disappeared from the market. Now this: Is there hope? I just ran across this and hadn't seen anything about it previously. Too bad the national fake news never informs us of stuff that actually matters. Jetex I had several Jetex 50's. I was never very successful with them.

The outlet hole kept getting clogged, causing the thrust to blow out the gasket and go into reverse. Babe Bees and rubber banks worked better. CO2 cars were impressive.

I remember "sending in" remember those magic words and payment with coins or stamps? It was colorful as I recall. However, mine never achieved the "scale MPH" but rather smoked and sputtered and flew only as fast as I could throw it. A discovered use for the Jetex fuse was to wrap a piece around cigarette loads and watch them explode. Both the cigarette loads and the fuse were available at the hobby shop.

My first real engine was a Cub. Didn't think I needed to spring for the required Cub wrench. AMA Once, twice, three times a lady. Four times and she does it for a living. My brother had a Jetex 50 that we flew when we could afford the fuel pellets. Best Jetex bang for the buck we had was a powered profile X from one of the magazines. It flew excellent. The glide was The Jetex 50's were frustrating.

Flew well with a Pee Wee. In year old's need safe zones so people don't hurt their feelings. Did it fly well as designed or did you have to make changes to it? Thanks, Michael Boucher. Our XB flew well right off the board, full tank of fuel, got way high, glided well. We lived there in when they were flying the X and setting speed and altitude records on a weekly basis.

We didn't see the scale XB fly, but did see a B taxi down the taxiway, fiddle around, turn around and taxi back. I guess it was broken. What a lovely airplane! We'd hike up on the hill by the O-Club to watch the runway and see the X glide in to land. Kinda fun. I'm one up on you Steve - I did get to see the B fly. You knew when that thing throttled up. A really super neat airplane that was a maintenance nightmare.

Norm Faith Jr. Quote from: Norm Faith Jr. I saw the topic and my fingers hurt from the many burns I suffered with the damned things growing up NEVER got one to work! We'd get some phhttt to work in NYC. Our engines burned out after a few flights. Always intriguing buggy and difficult to figure how to make reliable.

Built a few nice sheet models. Spectacular launching them off my friends terrace 21 stories up. Viking burials. The models sailed off one last time, lit firecrackers ready to blow. You could leave out the rubber and prop and install a Jetex 50 on the bottom of the fuse and re balance the plane.

I did a couple of these and they flew just great. The Arrow-Jet was a good plane on rubber and really neat on Jetex. Man on the morning of a fresh snow, we'd get down to the ball field before there were any footprints and let out little sled loose.

Fast and Furious! It was and still is a sweet little sport job! Dennis will like the VEE tail. Jetex motors were a hoot. Ran them on Thermic B gliders and little tether cars, in the basement. Frank Scott's Mach Box was a great performing plane. As for the B, a couple of us bolted out of an engineering class at Wright State University and a Prof got us up on the roof of one of the buildings.

We had a straight view down the main runway at Patterson Field as it landed. Is there a place to get either Rapiers or Jete-x units and fuel in the US?

A Gold Leader Club for over 25 years! Two notes: Jetex is still an event at the FF Nats. Chris Matsuno and Jackie Sheffer are masters at the art of flying Jetex. The maintenance and setup for the Jetex motor? It is truly an esoteric event. The B70 kit has a history that a lot of people are not aware of. In the hands of my buddy Mike Fedor, the B70 kit was responsible for an emergency rule in the AMA competition rule book. Mike won the first Peanut Scale event at the Nats with it.

It seems that when they wrote the first rules for Peanut Scale that they forgot to mention that the plane was to powered with a rubber band. A month after the Nats there was a rule in place requiring rubber power. As a kid, I flew PanAm jr. Jet, using a Jetex Later regular Paa load jet with the Jetex Back then the prize for first was a Bulova Accutron watch and I really wanted to win. By the time I finally won the event, the watch prize became a cheesy transistor radio.

I was bummed! Norm, whose age is showing. Bob Davis of Davis Model products was responsible for trying to reintroduce Jetex to the free flight aficionados. Still was made in England but the original fuel was no longer legal to make as it had used heavy metal particles in its composition. There were at least 3 different fuels that were sold and the new units were superior to the originals'. In Jetex defense I learned at an early age to drill a small hole into the pellet and insert the fuse into it.

Reliability increased dramatically. The 35,50 and were made and I had sent him a new Jetex for production purposes. Sadly it never went into production and I never got the sample back. The sound of my last new Jetex 50 - as it sailed into the brush, never to be seen again!

Nozzle blockage cut the thrust immediately after hand launching, and the Jetex was shucked out of it's mount when the plane skimmed the ground. Tumbling across the yard somehow cleared the nozzle blockage, and it took off again - less the airplane and mount! Took up control line, and never looked back. Not a flyer age related , but still love the hobby! Quote from: dennis lipsett on June 05, , PM.

Davis model products jet-x

Davis model products jet-x.


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Davis model products jet-x

Davis model products jet-x