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Color climax fifteen magazine

Disinformation Company. The entire article is noted for lacking verifiable citations, which is curious considering the company's well known history. Very important. This may be the case, but it's still a factual part of the Color Climax history. Many themes, such as big bust, interracial, uniform, or ethnically themed sets would fitteen in any title, dependent Color climax fifteen magazine the activity being performed rather than the participants. Child Pornography: An Internet Crime. They were totally against this. Urolagnia was also displayed. As sad as this is.

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Color climax fifteen magazine

Color climax fifteen magazine

Color climax fifteen magazine.


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This company produced a lot of kiddie porn in East Asian contries in the late '70 and ' This was documented by the danish television channel TV2 in two reports on child pornography. Kiddie porn was not explicitly outlawed in Denmark before so Color Climax probably did not break the law. I feel this is important since CCC are remaining tight lipped about there role in this history of child porn production.

Eg who were the producers? Why did CCC not volunteer their names? Very important. But the ban on the production and distribution of child pornography in Denmark didnt exist until section of the Danish Criminal Code Anyone want to explain this disturbing fact to me?! There is 11 years of Danish history that hasnt been researched or recorded here.

Needs a lot of work. The age of consent in Denmark is 15 years of age. Thus it has never been legal to produce pornographic material in Denmark using children under the age of 15 as models in adult situations. There needs to be some invetigative reporting that elaborates on this. We need references for Danish reports and material. And we also need a reference for the figure.

If the section of the DCC was manifest in then why was child porn still available until ? I dont know the danish TV report. But childporn was declared illegal in It isnt true, that it wasnt outlawed until At least in DK.

I never heard, they produced cp after It was legal before, because it was a legal loophole. Production of porn under 15 was not allowed, but it wasnt legal also.

The produced movie was "legalized", under the "Free press laws". The parents could have issue a legal complaint, e. The little child couldnt, of course. All this was a terrible misinterpretation of "liberal porn laws". I have heard from now defunct dutch video dealers, that CCC sold all of the cp movies in late 79 to the Netherlands, the oncoming new laws were also discussed in the press. And dutch dealers sold it back via mail to danish "customers".

But I doubt, that CCC produced cp after 80 in other countries. They would have be in serious troubles in DK. It was a taboo theme after My girlfriend never heard something about this in and If she had known, what they did, she wouldnt have performed there.

The age of consent was lowered in DK from 16 to 15 in , if I remember correctly. In , you still could get porn with This was the last time I was in DK. Porn production with 15 was legal until , then they had to implement an EU law all european countries have implemented in national law, with the exception of Germany, who will do this in the next months. They still have a year minimum age, only porn under 14 is definied as childporn.

But they never have produced commercial porn with under 18, because the legal status is unclear or even illegal. Because many companys exported to the USA, who already had an 18 age limit.

Sweden later followed as the first scandinavian country. Many other commercial porn companys produced cp then in Europe, esp. But all are defunct now or were taken over later by other companys. If I would name one, they would sue me, because they legally hadnt something to do with this.

As sad as this is. The facts of the mentioned danish TV docu, arent mentioned and verified in the US or dutch specialist press. They started with their magazine in And cp was legal in NL until They were totally against this.

In some comments, they are accused of cp, thats unfair, because nobody was able to know, that someday the US would force european countrys to raise the minimum age to Many may fear even now legal prosecution, I doubt that this will ever happen. Police identified and located only very few of the child victims of the old super8 cp. Caroline-NL —The preceding unsigned comment was added by The content was deleted because the blog was not considered a "reliable source", even though the fed documents are indisputable.

The entire article is noted for lacking verifiable citations, which is curious considering the company's well known history. The article mentions the company's past involvement of child porn distribution, but again no citation.

I provided a link to a blog which has several documents related to a federal child porn prosecution which involved the Tove Jensen loop "Teenage Tricks". The Color Climax article states that Tove Jensen images can currently be found on the Color Climax web site, and the article links to said web site. If either article is to be considered credible, then surely fed documents must be given some weight as a reliable source. As I noted in the Tove discussion, it's not unusual for the government to charge adult images as child porn.

This may be the case, but it's still a factual part of the Color Climax history. Hi Tiny Tove was born in and started porn in , as you can see on her official site. Indeed, she does look really young and it's not a surprise if she could have been mistakenly seen as underage. And for what is stated above, I am deeply confused. Even if there was no law for child porn in DK in the 70, even if it was "allowed" to have child under 15 in porn movie, I can't believe things like that could have been pre-teen filmed being raped by adults.

Legal porn or not, a rape is a rape and it's illegal! Therefore, I don't know what to think about. I don't know Gustafson: There is no logic to your claim. The [1] website is irrelevant as the source is an FBI report. It's the report that is the source. These types of reports are not sitting on the FBI's website, they sit in court files.

Seems like you're afraid of Color Climax. Just state that a documented FBI analytical report, with attached CV, is not authority, and then go an undo all the articles that rely on government documents as authority. Nazz , 5 October UTC. I am the author of a book on this subject referenced in the main article0 - Child Pornography: An Investigation. That book now out of print included detailed evidence that CCC had commerically produced child pornography for a limited period ending probably around Why do some of these movies appear to be dubbed in Dutch over what looks-- at times, when the actors move their lips certain ways-- to be English words?

Why would a Danish company have the actors speaking english and then overdub it in Dutch? I have noticed this in several of the films. Kikodawgzzz talk , 6 April UTC. Denmark have always used subtitles, and do not dub movies.

That was and still is however very Popular in Germany. I am pretty sure the dubbed versions was made for the German market.

Announcements in trains and signs may be in English only. However in Germany, it is very normal to translate and dub things, and it can sometime be difficult to find someone who understand English if you're in Germany and among casual people. I have however not seen the films, so I am not sure if it is German, but I am pretty sure they might have done the same thing in the Netherlands Dutch -- Borg punk talk , 19 March UTC.

The child pornography section is definitely needed, but I am not so sure about the very last sentence. Do we need that there? It certainly tested my stomach, but adds little real information over what was covered in the previous few lines. I just thin this two actress should be mention in the article If it's in a search engine cache or tips in its result nr 1 , who do I report? I have just modified 2 external links on Color Climax Corporation. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information.

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Color climax fifteen magazine