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The Royal Navy has strict recruitment rules which ban tattoos that are visible on the throat and face - but now sailors will be allowed to have inkings on certain parts of their neck. A relaxation of the regulations also means they can have tattoos on their hands as well - but not on the fingers or palms. For centuries, sailors have enjoyed getting colourful markings to chronicle their sea-going adventures. Military chiefs say any other guidance on tattoos remains the same: it is still forbidden for artwork to depict politics, violence, any sexual act, racism, sexism or any reference to drugs. A Royal Navy spokesman told MailOnline: 'The only changes to the rules are relaxation of rules on tattoos above the collar which must not be visible from front in an open-necked shirt and tattoos on hands not fingers or palms.

British royal navy recruits gay sailors

Jones was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in for services to Equality and Human Rights in the Rpyal Forces and completed his service career in HMS Astute S Our presence is key to achieving this. Gqy Profiles. There have been military forces who have accepted homosexuality but who Breast pain relief been renowned both for bravery and discipline Chief lawyer's memo He urged admirals to recognise the "current astonishingly rapid changes in sexual morality of the whole western world". HMS Ambush S Labour will get 'smashed' in the polls, warn half of his MPs France wants Britain out of British royal navy recruits gay sailors EU 'within 15 DAYS' amid splits in Boris Johnson's Cabinet over whether to call an early British royal navy recruits gay sailors election or try to pass a Brexit deal Woman's face and hand are Gallery lingerie type open in brutal machete attack as she shares images of her horrific injuries and says the police 'failed to keep her safe' Strong borders save lives: The lorry tragedy has sparked much soul searching. WNYC Studios. Adrian Johns, the second sea lord, said that homosexuals had always served in the military but in the gwy had had to do it sai,ors.

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Pride events. All I can say is wth? Unknown November 27, at PM. Lord Alli becomes first openly gay Lord. Same-sex marriage by territory. Sexual orientation. Something that becomes clear in Norton's work is that there was little or no legal distinction at Sfu amateur radio time between those who engaged in a single same-sex act, Brittish who were exclusively homosexual, and anyone who fell in between. Please British royal navy recruits gay sailors or disable AboveTopSecret. By city. At London Prideall three armed services marched in uniform for the first time, whilst the [Royal Navy] had marched in uniform alongside other military colleagues in Proud2Serve Tshirts for the preceding two years.

Subject to smutty innuendo ever since Churchill supposedly dismissed Britain's naval tradition as "nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash", the navy will today cast off centuries of repression and inhibition by seeking Stonewall's advice on the recruitment and retention of gay and lesbian sailors.

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  • Gay and lesbian citizens have been allowed to serve openly in the Her Majesty's Armed Forces since

Which makes it perhaps odd that so many were surprised when, on February 21st, the navy announced that it had signed up to a programme run by Stonewall, a lobby group for gay rights.

The navy's initiative does not herald a radical change in recruiting policy. Since , when a ban on homosexuality in the military was lifted, the armed forces have all done a lot to encourage gays to join up. The navy and the air force advertise for recruits in the pink press. Last year, the air force contributed a float featuring a splendid warplane to Gay Pride, Britain's biggest gay rally. By the end of this year—according to far-reaching legislation that will apply to all Britons—gay military couples who register as civil partners will be eligible for married quarters.

Yet cast an eye back to and these smooth reforms look astonishing. As the lifting of the ban loomed—as European human rights law said that it must—several lofty officers resigned in protest and top brass across the services warned of terrible consequences for discipline and morale.

How could they have been so wrong? Homophobia must have played a part. Having been trained to detect and kick out gays for so long, senior officers could hardly be expected to embrace them.

Before leaping from the closet the day the ban was lifted, Mr Jones led a painful double life, complete with an imaginary girlfriend named Sandra.

Happily, he says, his partner was not jealous. Further down the ranks, however, among young squaddies, airmen and sailors, there are happier tales. On a recent trip to southern Iraq, this thirty-something correspondent was startled to hear twenty-something gunners in the Royal Artillery openly discussing their sexuality.

At least four of the battery's 12 female members—who were serving in Iraq, incidentally, as front-line infantrymen—were lesbian, said Gunner Tara Thompson, a lesbian awaiting promotion.

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Equalised access to IVF for lesbian couples. Turks and Caicos Islands. Gender identity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So no longer will they get their rum ration but recieve a bum ration? Guernsey Jersey Isle of Man. I would hope I have misread your intentions and I damn sure hope they are wrong

British royal navy recruits gay sailors

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Thursday 24 October UK News feed. Sailors in the Royal Navy have been given permission to take part in a gay march in "full naval rig", but members of the Royal Air Force and the Army can wear only civvies to the event. Up to 30 homosexual and bisexual Navy personnel are expected to march at the Europride procession in London on Saturday. However, soldiers and airmen who wear their uniforms to the march face punishment for bringing their service into disrepute. The decision by the Army and RAF has caused surprise, particularly as all three services will have recruiting stands at the event staffed by homosexual personnel in uniform.

Navy's unhealthy gay secrets. A restricted military document, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, says that while the Army supports the event, those taking part must do so in civilian clothes. The document adds: "This is line with the Army's 'Sexual Orientation Key Messages' which state that we regard sexual orientation as a private life matter.

It also ensures that the dignity derived from wearing Army uniform is not in any way devalued by participation in a parade where fancy dress is likely to be prevalent. A spokesman for Stonewall, the gay rights group, said: "We are delighted that the Navy is so committed to being a gay-friendly employer.

It is having a positive effect not just on people already in the service but also on recruitment. We would now like to see the RAF and the Army show the same unembarrassed commitment to their gay personnel.

In , the Government lifted its ban on homosexuals in the Armed Forces after the European Court of Human Rights that the position was unlawful. The Ministry of Defence confirmed that only members of the Royal Navy would be allowed to attend the event in uniform.

A spokesman said: "The Navy has been working extremely hard to make sure gay personnel feel comfortable and their chiefs are delighted these men and women will be attending this event in uniform.

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British royal navy recruits gay sailors

British royal navy recruits gay sailors