Adult torrent tracker-25 Best Torrent Sites With Mirrors (October Edition)

There are hundreds of choices available on the Internet to download torrents. Visiting torrent sites to search torrents is very much time taking. When authorities took down The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents , a new termed evolved in the torrent industry as the torrent search engines. It works simply as Google does theoretically. This shrinks the list of your favorite torrent website to few torrent search sites.

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker

Is this really tlrrent is being offered. This website is very clean in design and can be very useful to search torrents once you get used to it. Adult torrent tracker like you are browsing and searching Hulu or Netflix on your browser. The front page looks like you are visiting a search engine of Adult torrent tracker and vegetables, on a lighter note. This software is not a complete torrent site but an offline cache of the original website. Share on Facebook. The entire global torrenting community felt the impact once the original KAT KickassTorrents disappeared. They used these websites to infect people downloading their torrents.

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You may also like. Its content covers just about everything you can imagine, from music to software, games to movies. Ideally your ratio should stay above 1. After adding given torrent trackers list my download speed is increased to 4x. We also let Adult torrent tracker know how easy it is to get access to the site, as this is often one of the key stumbling blocks to using private torrenting sites. Visit expressvpn. Thanks allot. This makes it difficult to discover new sites, let alone join them! Anyone who downloads files through torrenting service always has three things on their mind: privacy, speed, and availability. Its main focus is mainstream movies, classic films, and popular international releases, all presented in high quality whenever possible. It was developed in the s as a method of sharing messages Adult torrent tracker a distributed network, as evidenced by the old newsgroup and Altoid sex board systems early Adult torrent tracker users will remember.

The site found itself in controversy in when an Israeli advertising company took over the site and kicked out many of the admins.

  • Torrents have become the default way of sharing large files.
  • Torrent trackers, is a software tool that tracks the information of peers and seeds for a torrent file.
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Torrenting is fun. Just Googling will not stumble you upon the best torrent site. The ranking is a very tricky part of this whole review thing. We would like to make sure that ranking we produce must be authentic and help our readers to make informed decisions about the website they are going to use for torrent download. Here are the few factors that helped us in the ranking,.

Alongside this, we are going to provide some numbers related to the monthly million users or daily visitors that visit these torrenting websites so that you can be well informed of their popularity once again, do take these figures with a grain of salt. It is completely secure and encrypted. There is no obtrusion whatsoever thanks to the cloud-based nature.

However, if you wish to, there are apps available on a number of platforms that you can use. You can sync it with your devices. You can even use to sync it with your PC and have everything stored on your cloud storage. Another great thing about Bitport. For those who want to run this software, you will have the option to run it on your PC through the web browser, or you can do it through the smartphone apps available.

You do not even require a VPN to use this website, which again, is great. One of the best features about Bitport. Which only means that your own IP address is completely safe and free of any intrusions. Overall, Bitport. Official Website. If you are someone who has experienced that, then do not worry as we have just the right suggestion for you. Although it is relatively new, P2Pguru.

However, the charm does not just end here. The website was created to battle the ever so growing dominion of government bodies on the internet that we know and love and promotes free sharing of all the content. Keeping in mind that the website is relatively recent, it puts lots of efforts to constantly develop and has all the potential to become one of the best torrent sites.

Needless to say, we are thoroughly impressed by how P2Pguru. The world needs a torrent site that is made for the users. The site came back with quite a similar interface and exact name. ThePirateBay still is the best site for torrents hunting users. This website is multi-niche and has torrents related to the Movies, Software, Apps, Books, and adult content. This website displays ads as well as mine the XMR cryptocurrency when you open this website in your browser. This can be easily prevented using the ad-blockers.

This is the clone of the original KickAss torrent website which was taken down by the authorities a few years ago. The interface is completely the same and no one can guess that this is not the original one. But because there is no official statement from the original team of Kickass torrents, we tend to believe that this is a nice alternative to The Pirate Bay with a mask of KickAss Torrents.

The best thing about this TPB alternate is the way to browse the website and also the availability to see the latest torrents added to their website.

Started just 2 years ago, this website has archived the biggest database of the torrents so far. Every website tracks you to improve their services or earn from the data. At least a few of them. So, be careful while clicking anywhere on the screen. It is not supported by the Tor but deeper research found that there are some websites serving with its name in the deep dark web. We are not sure either they are the actual mirrors or some clones of the actual website.

The user interface of the website is very simple and conventional. It is quite easy to use. You can either search your favourite torrents or browse through the categories as well. According to the latest statistics, Torrentz2 has indexed around 5.

Just because Torrentz is sleeping with the fishes does not mean that everything you came to know and love has died too. Just imagine how long it took Google to start indexing all of those pages; then you will realize the struggle it went into making this. If you browse around top torrenting websites looking for the latest and greatest content, you will know that there are name variations of such websites, and this can lead to a lot of confusion for the reader.

Another added benefit to downloading movies from YTS is that it is able to provide you with a decent quality of movies and in less space. According to some statistics, RARBG managed to obtain a top ranking of 5 last year in Alexa, though there are some that state that the only time it was on the top ten was in the year There are also various resolution plus image quality movies and TV shows that you will find on this website so if you have adequate space on your hard drive, get downloading right away.

The operator of this torrenting website has also managed to launch the torrent cache iTorrents, which took place a few months back. As stacking up on torrents go, Limetorrents. Unfortunately, it is still not up to the mark as alternatives like The Pirate Bay so if there is something that is not present on the website.

Then again, occasionally you will not find older torrents on The Pirate Bay, leading you to come back to Limetorrents. You might have experienced this already, but there is no such thing as a perfect torrent site and there will always be small or big complaints that you will have to listen to from your torrent-downloading clan.

It is similar to x in the sense that Torlock has a website interface that is very impressively designed in terms of functionality and appearance. If you want to talk about facts, we will give you facts that will always be etched in your memory. According to Torlock.

Turns out that there is a mirror website of ExtraTorrent called ExtraTorrent. There was one very unusual thing that we found about ExtraTorrent. Whenever we opened the website, our CPU usage went up to 99 percent, which was a very puzzling thing to encounter. EZTV used to be an original TV-torrent distribution group but it got shut down thanks to a hostile takeover, which took place in Its ranking is slowly growing to the top of the food chain and so is the monthly million users counter.

Unfortunately, EZTV. That is a battle which we will be looking forward to. The user interface of this website is very simple and friendly. This website supports the instant downloads which make the use of the website easier. The torrents on this website are downloaded from the torrents websites.

Along with the torrent files, you can also load the torrent files using the magnet links. This website also welcomes you with a note on hiding your identity using VPNs which must not be ignored. Ads are in-click ones and open ups no matter where you click. There was no denying the fact IsoHunt welcome pirated content with great love and by , this impressive website was sharing around 14 petabytes of content.

However, these replacements came back in the form of IsoHunt mirrors, which you now know as IsoHunt. When you browse around IsoHunt. Do a fair bit of digging and we are confident that you will be able to find your suitable torrents for entertainment or education purposes. This website is primarily famous due to its quality movie torrents but you can other types of the torrent as well on this including Music, Games, Software etc. Torrent Funk welcomes you with a note showing your IP address and location which warns you about the leakage of the personally identifying information that you have to hide using the VPNs and ad-blockers.

This also explains the primary income source of this website is reselling of the VPN services. This is a multi-niche torrent downloading website where you can find torrents of movies, TV series, games etc. The major block down occurred in September This website works as a torrent search engine and helps you to find the torrents you are looking for the top rated torrent websites in no time.

The user interface of this website is quite simple and easy to operate as well. Monova was registered back in and enjoyed good fame for a few years. Either some issues among the owners or lack of a proper financial plan.

Now its back with a wonderful redesign. You can find all sorts of torrents here but its good for the movies and software. You can use either the search feature of the website or browse through categories as well. The search feature is not that effective as we speak. And guess what, they appear as the Download buttons and look very familiar to the design of the website. This website is as simple as its name sounds. Started in , and still surviving regardless of multiple tries by the law ensuring agencies to take it down.

This website serves a lot of ads. But still, it is advised to use the ad-blockers because you can prevent around eighty percent of them using it. If you failed to access this website on your network. There are few proxies of this website as well. This website is famous for the movies torrents and software. Browsing this website is quite easy but not downloading the torrents especially for those who are using this website for the first time.

The torrent download button is accompanied by the ads on its both sides. So, it becomes tricky to click on the right button.

And if your downloads feel a little sluggish, just fire up the built-in speed test to locate a better server in a matter of seconds! After adding given torrent trackers list my download speed is increased to 4x. Awesome article….. Thanks for this list. Ideally your ratio should stay above 1.

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker. Torrent Trackers –

. - Top Bittorrent sites and trackers list

There are hundreds of choices available on the Internet to download torrents. Visiting torrent sites to search torrents is very much time taking.

When authorities took down The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents , a new termed evolved in the torrent industry as the torrent search engines.

It works simply as Google does theoretically. This shrinks the list of your favorite torrent website to few torrent search sites. Any site that has both of them is a definitive win for us. However, ever since the crackdown on the internet, and torrent sites have started, these websites are slowly going off the radar. However, not all is bad as there is a new contender on the block known as P2PGuru. For starters, you get advanced features such as ad-free experience; means that there are going to be no pesky pop-ups or anything else that might come in the way of your overall user experience.

Additionally, the website is a community-driven, so rest assured, that you will never run into any issues. The site is free to use, and even though the database at this moment is not as large as some of the heavy hitters, it is growing on a weekly basis, and new features and updates are rolling out, as well.

Guru Ratings is another great feature which presents the average number of rankings from all portals available IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic so it gives a better overview of the quality and popularity of the movies across all these ranking portals. Overall, P2Pguru. Official Website. This torrents search engine appears as the clone of the original website which was taken down by the authorities due to illegal activities involving the copyright infringement.

No ads appear on the website, but still, it is advised to use to ad-blockers and other security essentials to avoid any mishap. Toorgle also works fine in speed and stability because fetches its data from Google directly.

It also provides the facility to add its toolbar in firefox browser and Facebook application. You should never attach your social media account to such websites.

Toorgle uses advertisements to generate the revenue so it is advised never to disable your ad-blockers. Like many other torrent search engines discussed here.

These websites have nothing to do with hosting torrents, they just provide a nicer way to search other torrent websites under on umbrella. Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to the next website where the torrent is hosted. This is another con of this website. No ads appear on this website so you should be very careful about your safety. The Pirate Bay is the Big Boss of the torrent marketplace. Born in , with many ups and down.

Its founders are still facing a case of copyright infringement among other charges in Swedish courts. It is one of the best alternatives to KAT Torrents. Once this website used to display X-rated ads to generate the review. Use browse this website without having to worry about the cheap ads. This is among the top visited torrent websites ever.

The website is very simple and user-friendly to use. There is a thing that is quite ugly about this website. These are the new-tab ads which open up on every click. You can even get rid of them using the ad-blockers. Seeds are usually good on this website due to its age and repute. But they do need to use some alternate way to generate revenue instead of these annoying ads that can let them lose their traffic.

You can also download premium courses of Lynda, Udemy and many other e-learning websites for free here. This website also serves as a good source for torrent related news. AG is a wonderful website for torrent lovers. Its a kind of torrent search engine for the movies. User Interface of this website is very simple and easy to use.

Just like you are browsing and searching Hulu or Netflix on your browser. Ads are not that much annoying on this website and can be blocked by simply using the ad-blocker extension on your browser. AIO Search has Chrome and Firefox extensions as well that can further ease your search if you are a regular torrent user. Make sure you use the VPN and Ad-blockers before going to any torrent website including this one. TorrentSeeker is a clean and wonderful torrent search site.

Its homepage is designed with Material which gives it beauty and simplicity. Indexing also includes the small niche and language-specific website which gives you a wider array of search. Recently due to increased lawsuits and raids all around the world for similar communities and websites, TorrentHounds is shifting itself to the binary channels where is safer and less prone to the law regulating authorities. Notice of shifting to the Binary channel is available on the top of the website which also helps you to configure it for keep using the website.

Veoble is a complete search engine allowing you to make not only normal queries but also for the torrents as well. This website has three tabs in its top navigation bar from where you can select Home for normal search, Torrents for torrent search and Images for Image search. Revenue of this website is generated by ads on the search result page using Google Adsense which looks fine but still advised to use security essentials.

You can also make this website your homepage. Lime Torrents with new Lime-colored User Interface claims to allow you to download the verified torrents. The design is pretty much simple but beautiful. The front page looks like you are visiting a search engine of fruits and vegetables, on a lighter note.

This website allows you to search the favourite torrents either by searching via the query on their homepage and also by browsing through categories on the website. The inner interface of that website is not attractive as much as the front page but still, it helps a lot in finding the right thing at the right place.

It is clear that it is not run the same people after it got hit by the authorities a few years ago. You can either search for your favourite torrents or go can browse through the categories. The best about this website unlike others that it warns you on to presence of unverified torrents. It is advised to download the verified torrents only. A top banner on the header of website warns you about the IP-logging which you must not avoid and use the VPNs.

You will find this banner and detail to Install the Binary client on the top of their website. If you are not doing the torrenting for very first time, you are quite familiar with the ISO Hunt website and its features. Content here is organized so beautifully.

You can get free movies, books, adult content, software, games as well as free news here. Zooqle is just like the Google to torrent the movies. Not only movies but the TV Series are also available here to download. Everything is organized very beautifully. They verify each torrent before making it available to download for other users.

Movies are available to download in , and even in 3D. The torrent is quite simple. Ads on this website can be easily avoided using the ad-blocker extensions. I would love to place on the top of the list only if the design and torrent-related statistics are important.

This website is designed by some great developers. This website also has a built-in system to rank the different website in a different niche such as movies, games, books, software etc. Just like other websites, you can also search and download torrents here of all kind. The search feature is not its own. BTDB is a clean and effective search site for the torrents. Not only its result page gives you links to the torrent but the magnet link as well.

We recommend this website if you want something really simple. There are no hidden tricks here or advanced features. This website deserves its place in best torrent search engines. Initially, this torrent engine seems to be for the advanced users only. Even though it does have an odd name, this is a very simple torrent search engine. There are no distractions here, aside from occasional ads. This website is very clean in design and can be very useful to search torrents once you get used to it.

Please share with us in the about this feedback. No no, this not the website to download movies, music, games or p0rn. This is purely an academic website to download research papers, datasets, notes and lectures etc. It is a joint project of the University of Michigan and University of Texas along with others to built a distributed system to share the academic files over the Internet.

It is supported by many commercial sponsors. If you are a researcher and wish to share or access the large datasets over the Internet, you should try this website immediately. If you like this effort, go ahead and donate to the researchers on this website. This is primarily a torrent finer for the movies only.

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker

Adult torrent tracker