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Initially released by Starline, the compilation was reissued by Music for Pleasure in the United Kingdom, while Harvest and Capitol distributed the album in the United States. A remastered CD was released in with a different album cover, picturing a three-dimensional model based on the sketch drawn by drummer Nick Mason for the album's initial release. The release of Relics occurred because the band's record company, EMI , were concerned that they had gone into the studio to record what would become Meddle without any songs or ideas, effectively starting from scratch. This, combined with their ever-increasing touring schedule, made EMI realise that no new product would be released for some time, possibly not until well over a year after completing their previous album, Atom Heart Mother. Relics has been re-released on numerous occasions, and at times without the proper authority.

Relic pink tentacle

This print shows a mob of earthquake victims coming to take revenge on a namazu and its children. However, the namazu-e phenomenon Ammo brass forming machine ended two months later when the Tokugawa government, which ordinarily maintained a strict system of censorship over the publishing industry, cracked down on production. Produced two days after the earthquake, this work by Kyosai Kawanabe and Rellc Kanagaki is considered the first namazu-e Relic pink tentacle print. This print, which shows a namazu punishing a rich man and Relic pink tentacle famous actor, illustrates a popular theory that the gods deliberately allowed the earthquake to happen in order to rectify Relic pink tentacle of the imbalances in the world. Save electricity. Is it a rare copy and where exactly was it released? Just chill. With a single dungeon The popularity of namazu-e exploded, and as many as different Bondage electric became available within weeks.

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What happened to the Japanese blog Pink Tentacle?

  • The curvature, texture, and potential that tentacles inspire is admirable and definitely makes my body squirm with anticipation.
  • There is a mailbox located underwater off the coast of Susami in Wakayama prefecture.

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Or you can just enjoy the texture and temperature. Tattooed Teen Ridick Cock 6 min Jajamee - The mailbox is not some old sunken relic, but an actual mail collection point officially recognized as part of Susami's postal system. Speaking of texture, glass is great for having a reasonable amount of texture while still also being quite forgiving on the body due to how easily it lubes up. Each day the contents are collected from the box, which reportedly contains as many as pieces of mail at the busiest times. After all, tentacles are pretty much the squishiest thing that you can find in nature anyone who has held an octopus can vouch for this for me , but glass does have its benefits especially when it comes to tentacle-based toys. Well, firstly when people think of tentacles they also think a slimy or mucus-like residue which might add to the sensation of the tentacle.

Relic pink tentacle

Relic pink tentacle

Relic pink tentacle

Relic pink tentacle

Relic pink tentacle.


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Note: Non-Kindle owners can also read the book by first downloading one of the free reading applications for other mobile devices and computers here. In November , the Great Ansei Earthquake struck the city of Edo now Tokyo , claiming 7, lives and inflicting widespread damage. Within days, a new type of color woodblock print known as namazu-e lit.

These prints featured depictions of mythical giant catfish namazu who, according to popular legend, caused earthquakes by thrashing about in their underground lairs.

In addition to providing humor and social commentary, many prints claimed to offer protection from future earthquakes. The popularity of namazu-e exploded, and as many as different types became available within weeks. However, the namazu-e phenomenon abruptly ended two months later when the Tokugawa government, which ordinarily maintained a strict system of censorship over the publishing industry, cracked down on production.

Only a handful are known to survive today. Namazu are normally kept under control by the god Kashima using a large rock known as kaname-ishi. The Great Ansei Earthquake of is said to have occurred when Kashima went out of town and left Ebisu god of fishing and commerce in charge.

In this print, the giant subterranean catfish unleashes destruction on the city while Ebisu sleeps on the job. Kashima rushes home on horseback while the city burns, and Raijin the thunder god defecates drums. Large gold coins fall from the sky, symbolizing the redistribution of wealth during the rebuilding phase. This print shows a namazu engaged in a fierce game of "neck tug-of-war" with the god Kashima. A group of earthquake victims root for Kashima, while those who typically profit from earthquakes construction workers, firemen, news publishers, etc.

Produced two days after the earthquake, this work by Kyosai Kawanabe and Robun Kanagaki is considered the first namazu-e catfish print. The picture, which makes reference to a popular kabuki play of the era, inspired the creation of many namazu-e prints to follow. This protective print, which claims to prevent earthquake damage to one's home if attached to the ceiling, shows a group of remorseful catfish apologizing to the god Kashima for causing earthquakes while he was away.

Catfish family. This print shows a mob of earthquake victims coming to take revenge on a namazu and its children. In this print, which claims to offer protection from earthquakes, the god Kashima and prostitutes from the Yoshiwara red-light district express their anger toward the catfish responsible for earthquakes.

Namazu saviors. Some prints show the benevolent side of namazu. Here, they are seen rescuing people from the rubble. Kashima restrains a namazu using the kaname-ishi rock. In this print, the god Kashima is pictured in the top right corner. The kaname-ishi rock, portrayed as a person, stands on the head of the catfish, while a crowd of people try to subdue the giant beast. The people on the left who are not helping subdue the catfish include construction workers and others who typically profit from earthquakes.

Earthquake hand game. In this print, the god Kashima stabs his sword into the throat of the namazu , which is laid out on a giant table. The crowd of onlookers is divided into two groups. The people in the top half of the picture are labeled as "smiling" those who benefit from the earthquake and the people at the bottom are labeled as "weeping" those who are harmed by the earthquake.

The top group includes a carpenter, a plasterer, a lumber salesman, a blacksmith and a roofer, as well as an elite courtesan, an ordinary prostitute, a physician, and sellers of ready-to-eat foods.

The bottom group includes a teahouse proprietor, an eel seller, various entertainers such as musicians, comedians and storytellers, a seller of luxury goods, a diamond seller, and a seller of imported goods. This print, which shows a namazu punishing a rich man and a famous actor, illustrates a popular theory that the gods deliberately allowed the earthquake to happen in order to rectify some of the imbalances in the world.

Catfish and construction workers partying in the Yoshiwara red-light district, pt. This print depicts a crowd of namazu and newly prosperous construction workers living it up at a parlor house in the Yoshiwara pleasure district.

This print also shows carpenters, plasterers and roofers drinking and making merry in the Yoshiwara pleasure district while a namazu is restrained with a gourd. This print depicts a namazu as a priest seated inside a giant rosary. The ghosts of earthquake victims float overhead. In this print, a group of construction workers pay respect to the namazu for helping them strike it rich. This print shows a massive steamship-like namazu approaching the city.

The creature is spouting money, and people on shore beckon for it to come closer. The depiction of this namazu conjures up images of Commodore Perry's black ships, which arrived in Japan in and eventually forced the country to open its ports to Western commerce. In this print, the god Kashima has captured the catfish responsible for the major earthquakes in Shinshu, Edo, and Odawara. A carpenter, fireman, plasterer and roofer try to persuade the god to release the catfish, saying the creatures have apologized enough.

The unforgiving Kashima sentences the fish to be cooked in a nabe stew. Namazu of Edo and Shinshu. In this print, Ebisu god of fishing and commerce apologizes to Kashima for falling asleep on the job after drinking. The catfish leader is also apologizing, saying it was the thoughtless ones that went wild.

Peace in the Ansei era. This print shows the god Kashima using the kaname-ishi to subdue the namazu responsible for the recent earthquakes. Ridgepole raising. People inspect a namazu picture. Gourd and catfish. In this print, a namazu tries to help a comrade escape from a trap by handing it a gourd.

The image is a reference to the old Japanese expression "gourd and catfish" meaning "slippery" or "elusive" , which originates from a famous 15th-century Zen painting of a man trying to catch a catfish with a gourd. Fear of Kashima. This print shows people dancing around a namazu dressed as a representative of Kashima shrine in an annual ritual held before the start of the new agricultural season. The image of the rabbit represents the zodiac year of the rabbit A crowd of elderly people, carpenters, young wives, china-shop owners, entertainers, Yoshiwara prostitutes, physicians, and others are offering prayers to the kaname-ishi rock, believed to have the power to keep earthquakes in check.

When a person in the crowd voices his doubts about the rock's powers, the rock responds, "I assure you that if the earth moves even a little I will stand on my head. Earthquake protection song.

In this print, Daikoku, the popular god of wealth, showers people with money while the god Kashima restrains a namazu. This print shows a mother namazu chasing a mob of people who have kidnapped her two children. The message on the flag carried by a person in the crowd suggests they intend to grill and eat the young catfish. Namazu with construction tools, portrayed as the legendary warrior Benkei. These high-resolution aerial photographs of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were taken on March 20 and 24, by a small unmanned drone operated by Air Photo Service , a company based in Niigata prefecture.

Click [Enlarge] under each image for the full version. Breakbeat duo Hifana a. Just chill. Scroll down for a rough summary. He explains that much of the fear surrounding plutonium is due to misconceptions. He says that it is very unfortunate that plutonium is used in nuclear weapons [like the one dropped on Nagasaki]. But he hates war!

He loves to work for peace. He aspires to be like dynamite, whose power has been used for the benefit of mankind. He explains that plutonium is created from uranium in nuclear reactors.

He also says it was discovered by the US scientist Glenn T. Seaborg in , and that it was named after the dwarf planet Pluto. He explains two reasons why this would be virtually impossible. A high level of technology would be required to produce weapons from this plutonium.

Second, a high level of security is maintained around plutonium in Japan, making it all but impossible to steal. Plutonium's danger to the human body stems from the alpha radiation it emits.

He explains that you would not die instantly if you were to drink plutonium. If swallowed, the vast majority simply passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed. If it enters the blood stream through a cut, for example it cannot be removed easily from the body.

It accumulates in the lymph nodes before ending up in the bones or liver, where it continues emitting alpha radiation. Plutonium can also get into the liver or bones if it is inhaled into the lungs. It is important not to breathe it in or allow it to enter the blood stream. Even if you were to drink plutonium-laced water everyday, the vast majority of it would simply pass through the digestive system without being absorbed by the body.

As long as people use him peacefully and with care, there will never be any danger or anything to fear. He will provide an endless source of energy for a long time to come. He will be a reliable friend. SWITL -- an impressive "robot hand" tool developed by factory equipment manufacturer Furukawa Kikou -- seems to defy the laws of nature by picking up deposits of gels, sauces and other soft semi-liquids without smearing them or altering their shape.

This demo video shows how well the tool handles mayonnaise and ketchup. Details about the technology are not available on Furukawa Kikou's website perhaps because the patent is pending , but the tool appears to incorporate a conveyor belt design.

According to the company, the magic goop scoop was originally developed for use in bakery production lines, but its unique ability to cleanly handle semi-liquids makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The unprecedented disasters unfolding in Japan; earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear explosions, will somehow change things to come.

Relic pink tentacle

Relic pink tentacle