Insert sperm by hand-Can You Get Pregnant from Being Fingered? 3 Situations, Symptoms

Join now to personalize. I don't like it. I know that it makes the chances less, but could I still get pregnant this way? I am not on the pill or using any other protection. Also, is there a chance I could just get pregnant from the pre-cum?.

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand

But if you still have any concerns, please email me again. Sperm must enter the vagina for fertilization to take place. It would actually be a lot cleaner if you did let him cum inside of you, instead of getting it all over your fingers. But if he ever found out what you had done, I think there could be all kinds of trouble. Men have no control over the production of this liquid. Fertilization cannot Insert sperm by hand without ovulation. Obviously, too, if she's not really ready to be someone's Mom and not with a partner who wants to be a Dad or who is okay with just being a donorshe shouldn't Insert sperm by hand trying stuff like this. As soon as the penis is erect, before the man ejaculates, a Cheerleaders forced to strip called pre-ejaculate is produced. When to take a pregnancy test.

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Tube Reserve Pre-ejaculate can contain some sperm. Porno Brand Tube Dessert In answer to the question, yes sperm cna be transferred that way Tubent Asked in Pregnancy Could a girl get pregnant if a guy fingers her but might have Train webcams on his hand? My Retro Tube That is the only way a woman can get pregnant. Sex 4 Pal Caramel Mature Big Boobs Film Fingering that area unless he has sperm on his hand Insert sperm by hand ejaculating will not cause pregnancy Tasty Bj

Fingering can only cause pregnancy if a person's fingers are covered in preejaculate or ejaculate when they insert them into the vagina.

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  • Secondly, you should ask yourself why you are doing this, as you don't want to start a life long relationship based on dishonesty.
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Understand that biologically speaking, the momentum of ejaculation is no accident. In other words, just having fresh sperm around isn't the whole picture: the mobility of sperm, and sperm making their way into the cervix is important. This is why when people do self-inseminate, they use mechanisms like a syringe or, yes, that old lesbian cliche, the turkey baster to move the ejaculate up into the vagina.

So, your friend becoming pregnant this way is unlikely. That's a pretty good thing, particularly if she's using someone as a sperm donor who hasn't consented to be that or a Daddy, because that's really not okay to do to someone without their consent , no matter their gender. And in the odd chance her period is late this cycle, she should take a pregnancy test.

To boot, if it has been less than hours since she did this, she can use emergency contraception if she likes. Obviously, too, if she's not really ready to be someone's Mom and not with a partner who wants to be a Dad or who is okay with just being a donor , she shouldn't be trying stuff like this.

If she's feeling this way because of conflicts or disagreements in the relationship , or conflicts with herself, she's going to want to address those and work them out productively. Skip to main content. Can you make yourself pregnant by putting semen in your own vagina? My best friend recently confided in me that immediately after her boyfriend ejaculated on her leg, she swiped some of the semen with her fingers and proceded to enter them into herself in hopes to get pregnant.

We were talking about this and I asked if you actually could get pregnant this way and neither one of us knew the answer. Now that's my question for you. Is it possible to get pregnant this way?

Not so much.

To get pregnant, you need sperm, which is why it's a penis and NOT your finger! Odds of she getting pregnant? Lust Series Porno Brand Mommy Fuck Tube If you stick your finger in your vagina will you get pregnant?

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand.


Can I get pregnant if I have sex without penetration? - NHS

My husband and I have been married for a year now. When we first met, I told him I wanted two children, but he said that he didn't want to have two, so we settled on one. But to my surprise, he replied that he had only agreed to a child because I wanted one.

He also said that 'next year is not the right time', which I know is his way of saying 'It's not going to happen'. So I want to know if it is possible for me to get myself pregnant by inserting my husband's sperm inside me? I could do this after he ejaculates, which is usually somewhere on my body. I believe this is the only way for saving my marriage in the future. I do love my husband, but I wish that during our courtship he had revealed his true feelings about not wanting to have children.

I am really sorry to hear about this unhappy situation. By the way, I have slightly altered and shortened your email so that you will not be recognised. Summing up, you deeply wish to be a mother. You believe that your husband is depriving you of that chance. It sounds like during sex, he habitually 'withdraws,' and ejaculates on your belly or elsewhere, so you are considering scooping up some of his man-fluid from your skin and inserting it into your vagina.

I suppose you could try and do this with a spoon or some similar implement. What you are suggesting is a form of artificial insemination. It could well work provided that you did it at about the time you were ovulating - in other words, on a day when you were fertile. However, sperm die very quickly when the seminal fluid is allowed to dry out. Therefore, you would really have to scoop it up quite fast - while it is still liquid.

That might not be easy, especially if your man was lying alongside you in the bed at the time! Now, let us turn to legal issues.

Artificial insemination is not illegal in Jamaica, but lawyers would probably feel that you had infringed your husband's legal rights by 'tricking' him into becoming a father. No one could sue you or anything like that, but if some time in the future there was a divorce, I suspect that the courts would not look too kindly on the fact that you had 'fooled' your spouse.

I guess you probably hope that after you have used this 'spooning it in' technique in order to get pregnant, then maybe your husband would not realise what you did. Certainly, it's very possible that he might assume that the pregnancy simply happened because one night he didn't 'pull out' fast enough!

But if he ever found out what you had done, I think there could be all kinds of trouble. For instance, he might walk out on you. Or he could perhaps try to refuse to support the child. So all in all, I don't think your plan is a good idea. One positive thought does occur to me, however. It's this:. It does look as though your husband hasn't actually said that he refuses to have children! You have interpreted his remarks as meaning that 'it's not going to happen.

However, it appears to me that this guy might still be persuaded to become a parent. So could you ask him to come with you for some discussions about parenthood? These might be with a marriage counsellor or with some other experienced person such as a midwife, nurse, doctor, or minister of religion.

I feel that if the discussions helped him to realise how important it is for many women including you to be a mother, then maybe he might change his viewpoint. Last month, for the first time in my life, I had sex with a girl.

Ever since then, the skin of my organ has been sore and itchy. It looks inflamed to me. What you should do now is to go to a doctor, and let him examine your penis. I'm sure that he will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and can give you a prescription that would clear up this problem. Good morning. I am female, and I had unprotected sex on the afternoon of the 11th of last month. That was the fifth day of my period.

But since yesterday, I have an urgent need to urinate every now and again. Do you think I am pregnant? No, I think you have cystitis - in other words, a urinary infection - so you should take a specimen of urine to a doctor and ask him to test it.

Intercourse was on the fifth day of your menses. While conception can occur at that time, it is not common. You had a period on the 23rd. If this really was an ordinary period, then you cannot be pregnant.

I am not sure why you mention that the guy masturbated earlier in the day. I cannot quite see the relevance of this. I am a guy of 20, and I recently got a job that involved going down to Trinidad in a cargo boat. A few days later, I got a discharge from my private part. The ship's doctor diagnosed 'the clap', so he put me on a course of antibiotics, which stopped the symptoms.

However, I am a little doubtful whether a ship's doctor no matter how skilled could possess the fairly sophisticated equipment that is needed in order to make a definite diagnosis of gonorrhoea 'the clap'. So I think you should now go to a clinic in Kingston, tell them your story, and do the tests, which they have at their fingertips.

If, by chance, you need any further treatment, they will give it to you. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Doctor's Advice: Can I insert my husband's sperm? Photo Video. I believe next year is an appropriate time to get pregnant, so recently, I told him that. It's this: It does look as though your husband hasn't actually said that he refuses to have children! I wish you well. But please don't rush into this 'spooning up semen' idea.

Allergy or STD? Doc, could this be some kind of VD? I don't think so. It's possible that it is some kind of allergy. Am I pregnant? I later got to know that the guy had masturbated that very morning. Then I got my menses again on the 23rd of the month, and it was just like any other period. There are a couple of reasons why I think it unlikely that you are pregnant: 1. But if you still have any concerns, please email me again. Is he cured? Doc, can I assume that I am now totally cured and can think about getting married?

If you took the full course of treatment, you are probably cured. Rest assured: All will be well!

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand

Insert sperm by hand