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The primary role of adult stem cells in humans is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. Stem cells are very flexible cells, sometimes considered immature, that have not developed to a final specialized cell type like skin, liver, heart, etc. Since they have not yet specialized, stem cells can respond to different signals and needs in the body by becoming any of the various cell types needed, e. In that sense they are a bit like a maintenance crew that keeps repairing and replacing damaged or worn out cells in the body. Microscopic in size, stem cells are big news in medical and science circles because they can be used to replace or even heal damaged tissues and cells in the body.

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Doctors Opposing Circumcision D. Babies are born with perfectly designed genitalia, and no one has the right to inflict this unnecessary procedure on them as they grow — for any reason. We endeavor to raise awareness and challenge prevailing opinion. We provide support and guidance to parents and medical providers who wish to make honest and thoughtful decisions, regardless of tradition or cultural pressures. And with your support, we will get there.

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The Caucasian race also Caucasoid [1] or Europid [2] is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon , which, depending on which of the historical race classifications is used, has usually included ancient and modern populations from Europe , Western Asia , Central Asia , South Asia , North Africa , and the Horn of Africa. Since the second half of the 20th century, physical anthropologists have moved away from a typological understanding of human biological diversity towards a genomic and population-based perspective, and have tended to understand race as a social classification of humans based on phenotype and ancestry as well as cultural factors, as the concept is also understood in the social sciences. The traditional anthropological term Caucasoid is a conflation of the demonym Caucasian and the Greek suffix eidos meaning "form", "shape", "resemblance" , implying a resemblance to the native inhabitants of the Caucasus. The term Caucasian originally referred in a narrow sense to the native inhabitants of the Caucasus region. Meiners acknowledged two races: the Caucasian or beautiful, and the Mongolian or ugly.

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