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Dear Auntie, My mom thinks my dreams are stupid and irrational just because I want to start a youtube channel or get into a student exchange program. She made a disgusted face when I told her what I want to be, or anything i think of which i really like. Please help me. Hey there, thank you for writing in. You can talk to your school counselor, nurse, or a teacher.

Why is my mom stupid

Why is my mom stupid

Why is my mom stupid

Decks twin cities told me she might not be coming home again. I hadn't forced him to apologize, and because I hadn't made Why is my mom stupid feign an emotion he didn't yet feel, I allowed him to experience the impact Why is my mom stupid his words upon someone he loves. It would be strange because she left so many things behind, but they were empty. Honor yourself by owning all the ways that you're a great mom. I was always a smart kid. Growing up, we always look up to our parents for wisdomvalues, and life lessons. Of course my mom knew that my dad said no in response to whatever I was asking her about. So it snowballs out of control.

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Member Level 41 Gamer. FancySoapsMan said:. Seriously what are we gonna do? Why is my mom so stupid? They were really angry Why is my mom stupid each other when they had my older brother and made it real clear they Aerial photographs essex wanted children but it happened anyways. Doghouse Reviews. As for your comments about rued behavior of the several relatives that is just part of life. I don't get good grades, I'm so stupid nothing can help me. Sister cant wake up on her own?? How do I handle awkward situation with son? She's stupid and still has a wasp up her grackle about dtupid not doing the other thing. I have 2 best friends a group of 3. Why is everyone flaming him?

Growing up, we always look up to our parents for wisdom , values, and life lessons.

  • My parents told us this all the time.
  • Why is my mom so stupid?
  • Why is my mom so stupid?

I am at a loss on what to do to stop this disrespectful behavior. Here is an example: Yesterday morning she came into my bedroom on the main floor , angry at me for turning off the air conditioner. Her room is on the second floor and she said she was too hot to sleep all night. My husband says I should completely ignore her and not do a thing for her — basically alienate her.

What do you think? DEAR MOM: Your daughter seems to single you out for this disrespect, but you and your husband should present a united front in dealing with it. You three should meet privately to discuss her behavior. Ask her if she talks to her professors, mentors or co-workers this way. Then ask her why she talks to you this way. Tell her that she needs to behave differently.

If her behavior deteriorates, the next step might be to tell her that she needs to find somewhere else to stay. Be calm, firm, in-charge, and — when the time comes — forgiving. Want Ask Amy delivered to your inbox for free on weekdays? Sign up for our Coffee Break newsletter here. You could start this conversation with your girlfriend by asking her if she thinks the man should always pick up the tab, and if so — why.

The person with fewer assets can express her own generosity by finding ways to host inexpensive outings. Importantly, in the healthiest relationships, the overall attitude is one of balanced sharing, appreciation and gratitude.

In another time and in another political atmosphere, I would have no problem with this. However, Trump represents everything that is wrong with America: greed, racism, inequality and class war. To me, this is the same as voicing support for the KKK, confederate flag and other hate-inspired groups. Advising your readers to stick their heads in the sand and suppress their moral indignation was very disappointing. Amy, you should be ashamed of yourself. She treats me very disrespectfully.

Plus: I'm tired of people pointing out my malady and giving me advice. Plus: We want to put a limit on how long house guests can stay. Our kids insist on this anniversary party, but we're just not into it. My controlling sister is trying to make sure our brother moves out as soon as Mom dies. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Feel like I deserve it? Teach them math on how to add up prices and do tip calculations. After practice running in 80 degree weather, walking home isn't fun. All i could hear was yelling and shouting. Generally speaking, if your kid get a bad grade or got in trouble — he probably deserved it. Oh, and if you ever post on a forum asking if your mom is stupid, it makes you look stupid and like kind of a jerk.

Why is my mom stupid

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I put my career on hold to stay home with him, and it takes such patience to take care of him and his sister all day, but I do it with love and care. And this is what I get for all my dedication? What is the best way to handle this?

I fully empathize with your feelings of sorrow and anger. But please be assured that, though this is an awful experience, it's far from an uncommon one. When your child says those words, it can feel like the ultimate betrayal. You might feel like howling: "look at all I've done for you! You traded all this for long and demanding days in a 3-year-old world. You cook the meals, launder the clothes, read books, buy toys, research preschools, play with trucks and wash the dishes.

The high point of your day might be sneaking into the bathroom and jumping on Facebook. I know this feeling well. When my son was 3, every day was a struggle, because no matter what I did, it seemed he wanted the opposite. He fought every guideline I put in place, no matter how thoroughly I explained it or how many choices he was offered otherwise. One day we were on the playground after preschool, where I had agreed to let him play with his friends.

After a good hour of chasing and climbing and rock-hunting, after everyone else had left, after I'd issued the five-minute and two-minute warnings, I told him it was really, truly time to go. I had no idea what to do with my rage at that moment. I didn't want to unleash it on him, but I also didn't want to let him get away with that kind of disrespect. I didn't know the right response and so as the kids got into the car, I didn't say anything at all. I just buckled them in and began driving home, processing my anger and resentment on the way.

Kids feel our energy, so pretty soon, the silence got to Eli. He asked, "What are we having for dinner? My tone was flat. This continued all the way to our house: His upbeat questions, my brief and distant responses. We arrived home and I set about getting dinner ready. I was still hurt, still unsure of how to handle the situation, still noticeably short on small talk.

Soon, Eli came into the kitchen. He went upstairs and I continued making dinner. Soon, I heard him crying in his room. I went upstairs and asked what was wrong. Knowing that he felt remorse melted my resentment and cleared the way for empathy. I held him and stroked his hair, telling him that I know how it feels to make a mistake. I explained how important it is to show respect to each other and let him know that I forgave him. He asked if we could cuddle, and I could see that I was no longer "stupid mom" -- I was the mom he could turn to for both guidance and comfort.

What had I stumbled onto that afternoon? The power of authenticity. My response was not to dispense punishment or engage in a power struggle, but simply to tune into my own feelings and honor them.

I hadn't forced him to apologize, and because I hadn't made him feign an emotion he didn't yet feel, I allowed him to experience the impact of his words upon someone he loves. So often we feel the need to modify our children's behavior, and we try to apply a stock response. But when we allow our real feelings to move through us before jumping into action or reaction, we give ourselves -- and our children -- the space to be guided by our true and better instincts.

Brigitte, you do not deserve to be called stupid, and your feeling that this is utterly wrong is utterly right. If this were any other relationship -- a friend or relative telling you you're stupid -- how would you respond?

It is time to set a real boundary around this. When your son says, "Stupid mom," you say "Not Ok," and take him to his room. Don't force an apology, but allow your own emotions and give yourself the gift of time away from him, until you can let the anger move through you and return to your center. Honor yourself by owning all the ways that you're a great mom. Sooner or later, he'll ask, "Can I come out?

But be true to your own emotions. Then be authentic. I'm not quite ready. When he asks again, you will be able to respond from that place. You'll say something like, "Are you ready to treat me with courtesy? No lectures, no rehashing. The boundary will teach him. He will see what self-respect looks like. He'll realize that you have a limit, and pushing past it will cost him. Every good relationship has such a line, and it's time for him to learn this.

Please know that at 3, your son is at the nadir of his ability to empathize, but this will improve sometime after his fourth birthday. There's nothing wrong with you or your child.

This is simply the time to demonstrate that healthy relationships stem from self-respect and clear boundaries. Parent coach, educator, speaker, and proud mom of twins dedicated to helping families overcome their challenges and thrive. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Parenting.

All rights reserved. So, to be called stupid by the person who inspired all these sacrifices can feel soul-crushing. Suggest a correction. Sheila Wenger, Contributor Parent coach, educator, speaker, and proud mom of twins dedicated to helping families overcome their challenges and thrive. Start Really Young. Want To Save Money? Newsletter Sign Up.

Why is my mom stupid